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Asia and Beyond: 5 Aman Jet Expeditions for 2020 and 2021

Remote Lands is featuring some very special Aman jet expeditions in 2020 and 2021, including journeys spanning Europe and America.

The Aman Jet Expeditions are unlike any other escorted private jet trip on the market. Flying fly aboard an Airbus 318 or 319 fitted with just 19 seats (instead of 130) set up like a living room with sofas and coffee tables, a “cocktail party in the sky” atmosphere. Remote Lands has operated the Aman Jet Expeditions since their inception in 2014, with some very special journeys coming up in 2020 and 2021, including journeys spanning Europe and America.

September 6 – 21, 2020

ABOVE: Amankila on Bali.

Taking off in September of this year, only a few seats remain for this incredible Southeast Asian private jet adventure: a tropical journey through beaches and world heritage sites that touches down in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

The trip’s first stop will be in Indonesia for a stay in Amandari in Ubud — the green, rain forest heart of Indonesia’s most famous island — before heading over to the beaches of Amankila. Then, it’s all aboard the private jet to Yogyakarta to see the most famous religious site in all of Indonesia: Borobudur. In Cambodia, visitors will go to Siem Reap to stay in the Amansara and soar over a wonder of the world, Angkor Wat, in a helicopter. Jetsetters will make the short flight from Siem Reap to Cam Ranh Vietnam for a stay at the isolated Amanoi, one of Aman’s most photogenic hotels, found in Nui Chua National Park. The final stop on this Southeast Asia journey is Luang Prabang, for ethical elephant experiences, the Pak Ou Caves, and the mighty Mekong River.

OCTOBER 10-26, 2020

ABOVE: Amanbagh in Alwar.

Led by Shantum Seth — an expert in Buddhism, Hinduism, Asian philosophy and religion — this mindful journey takes off from the beaches of Vietnam and continues on to luxury Aman destinations in Laos, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka.

“We will cultivate the energy of mindfulness through the journey, bringing an awareness to our breath, body, feelings, and mental patterns of perception,” Shantum Seth tells Remote Lands. “We shall experience opportunities to have formal meditation practices and reflective periods. We shall bring attention to how our six senses are responding to the external stimuli of our trip and bring an appreciation of the gift of life and the joy of living.”

Starting out in Southeast Asia in Amanoi in Vietnam and Amantaka in Luang Prabang, this journey will take travelers to the heights of Bhutan for stays at new Aman resorts and then go to Rajasthan in India for wildlife and history. The Aman Jet Expedition ends with colonial architecture and South Asia on Sri Lanka’s southern coast.

FEBRUARY 16 – MARCH 2, 2021

ABOVE: Amangiri in Utah.

The first Aman Jet Expedition of 2021, this whirlwind through the Western world will ferry travelers through Italy in Europe, Morocco in Africa, the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, and finally the mountain oasis of Amangiri in Utah.

This is a first for Remote Lands, an Aman Jet Expedition that takes place entirely outside of Asia. This journey begins at the Aman Venice, the most romantic city in the world, before taking a turn for the north of Africa for the Amanjena in Marrakech. Then the journey leads to the the Caribbean for seaside paradises at Amanera and Amanyara in the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos respectively. The final stop is the skiing heights of Amangani in the Teton Mountains and Amangiri in the desert.

Grandest Tour: Tokyo to Venice
MARCH 21 – APRIL 11, 2021

ABOVE: Amankora in Thimpu, Bhutan.

Nine countries, 21 nights: Take to the skies for the private jet journey of a lifetime: Tokyo, Siem Reap, Vietnam’s Vinh Hy Bay, Phuket, Bhutan’s Thimphu, ancient Alwar, Porto Heli in the Peloponnese, and the islet of Sveti Stefan and Venice.

Sixteen lucky guests, will savor Tokyo’s lights and life before heading to Southeast Asia for a stay at the isolated Amanoi, one of Aman’s most photogenic hotels, found in Nui Chua National Park. After a stop at Aman’s first ever resort, Amanpuri, travelers will head toward North Asia for Bhutan, for stays at the new Aman destinations there, along with hiking and cultural experiences. Then travelers head down to Amanbagh in rural Rajasthan before dusting off Asia and heading for the azure Aegean Sea. In Europe, jet-setters scramble off to Montenegro and finish their journey in the romantic canals of Venice.

Kyoto to Greece
18 APRIL – 4 MAY, 2021

ABOVE: Amanpulo in the Philippines.

This journey from the cool of Japanese culture to the heat of the Aegean coast will tour six countries over 17 nights, during which, travelers will travel to the island of Palawan, to Bali and ancient Borobudur, and to Europe via Dubai, where you will explore medieval Bodrum before concluding your journey in Porto Heli in Greece.

Slated for April in 2021, this is a unique opportunity to partake in a geisha dinner, dive into the azure waters of the Palawan Islands, explore rice paddy villages in Bali, step back in time at Galle Fort, and meander through the Aegean coasts. The quick stopover in Dubai will include a stay at the only non-Aman destination on the itinerary: Burj Al Arab, a monument to the success of this consumerist oasis.