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Remote Lands Publishes First Digital Edition of Travelogues

Learn how to make a luxurious cherry blossom holiday in Travelogues' first digital issue of 2019, along with tales of supercars in Dubai, the Wakhan Valley, diving in PNG, and black magic in Kyoto.

Travelogues is pleased to announce the first digital, magazine-style edition of Travelogues from Remote Lands. This issue includes expanded content, all-new photos, and expert advice from the luxury travel virtuosos at Remote Lands. This issue concentrates on one of the biggest annual travel events every year: the blooming of cherry blossoms, or sakura, in Japan. It may not seem like it with the polar vortex over your head, but spring is right around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about a pink luxury holiday in Japan.

The cover story will take travelers through Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Nara, and Hakone for a look at the luxury accommodations, and where travelers can best spot the fleeting cherry blossom’s in Japan’s most popular travel season.

Food lovers in this issue will find a guide to Phuket’s first ever Michelin-star restaurant; Hong Kong photography from this issue’s cover photographer, Jordan Hammond; supercars in Dubai from John McMahon; a walkthrough Galle Fort and Amangalla by Zinara Rathnayake; rooftop bars in Phnom Penh by travel writer extraordinaire Simon Ostheimer; celebrity chefs on a luxury train; diving in Papua New Guinea with a story from Juanita Pienaar and photos from Adam Beard; heartwarming images of the Wakhi people of the Pamir Highway from Jay Tindall; and a bevy of hotels, tips, and even some black magic from Ronan O’Connell thrown into the mix.

Download the magazine here, view a fullscreen version, or visit Issuu to like and subscribe and check out the mobile optimized stories. To keep up with the latest at Travelogues and at Remote Lands, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the digital magazine before anyone else and to keep up to date on the latest Remote Lands offers, from the Summer Games to the Dozen Dream Destinations.


Remember to check in with Travelogues from Remote Lands for daily stories about luxury and intrepid travel throughout Asia, with stories about Bill Bensley, the hiking the Fann mountains, strange Kyoto dances, and more amazing sakura photography coming up later this month.

If you get tired of reading and want to go, each story throughout the magazine is linked to destinations and itineraries from luxury tour designer Remote Lands to get you started.

Stay tuned for the Indonesia issue that will pick through the 18,000 islands of Asia’s most dynamic destination for the most luxurious, the most exciting, and a great many never-before-seen stories from writers from around the globe.