The magical islands of Indonesia – found between the bounties of the Indian Ocean and South Pacific – has been a major destination for many different types of travelers. Large, diverse, and enchanting, hidden gems abound in Indonesia, and many are overlooked in favor of the usual Ubud, Lombok, and Komodo.

A few spots hidden away from the normal tourist whirlwind will feed your soul and get your heart pumping: places where the wild meets the restless; where the jungle is so green it becomes a maze; where the water is so crystal blue schools of fish are seen from the beach. These islands aren’t yet the done thing in tourist circles, and now’s the time to see them.

The charms of Indonesia seem endless. At this point in history, there are a few places where the intrepid can take to the wilds or the beaches and expect quiet.

The opportunities in Indonesia to be wrapped in a combination of luxury, culture, and nature are growing every day, but so too are the tourists. Trekking to the lesser known islands can be a trying prospect, but it’s worth it to experience the charms of Indonesia in quiet contemplation.