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Mongolia - Gobi Desert

Forbidding and expansive, the Gobi Desert is the largest desert in Asia and easily visible from space. From Silk Road caravans to modern day movies, the Gobi Desert has figured prominently in the popular imagination. Savor the harsh beauty of the Gobi from atop a camel; visit the dramatic, multicolored Flaming Cliffs; share a meal with a nomadic family, whose way of life has remained unchanged for decades; or simply savor views of the night sky, clear and unpolluted by light, noise, and human activity. The South Gobi requires a flight to Dalanzadgad, but areas of the North Gobi can be reached by a four hour car ride from Ulaanbaatar.
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Our General Manager Victoria Hilley loves Mongolia for its of being totally remote - no roads, big sky, and endless miles of desolate beauty.
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