Hustai National Park

Hustai National Park is a land of arid steppe, forest, and gentle slopes located just 2-3 hours by car west of Ulaanbaatar. Hustai is home to Mongolia's last remaining population of wild horses, the rare and critically endangered Przewalski's Horse, which was successfully reintroduced to the preserve after having been extinct in the wild since the 1960's. Hikes through the unspoiled wilderness here offer opportunities to see the gorgeous wild horses and other wildlife as well as large birds such as falcons and eagles.


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Birdwatching & Wildlife Hikes

Hike through Hustai National Park's rolling, hilly steppes and birch forests. The park’s ridges offer look-out points with spectacular vistas, and be sure to keep your eyes open for the red deer, red-footed falcons, and eagles that also call the park home. Stop at the interesting medieval tombs of the Ongut people.

Wild Horse Game Drives

The site of a herd of wild horses thundering across the steppe is awe-inspiring and unforgettable. The best time to see the horses is at dawn or dusk, which usually means spending a night in the simple ger camp owned by the Hustai National Park Trust which was set up to reintroduce the Mongolian Wild Horse, or simply Takhi, in 1993. The horses were gathered in the Netherlands and flown in, and the program has been highly successful.

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