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Secrets of the South Gobi

4 days / 3 nights
Price Per Person
Wildlife, Glamping

Take the expedition of a lifetime and see where the desert, grasslands and the mountains meet. Where wildlife thrives and where nomadic culture remains untouched by the modern world. Experience the stark natural wonders of the desert steppe and the expansive mountainous regions of the Gobi. Wander through the Flaming Cliffs in Bayanzag and come face-to-face with dinosaur fossils. Enjoy the abundance of wildlife as you trek through the famous Yol Valley ravine and the Gurvansaikhan Mountains. Interact with Mongolian locals and experience nomadic culture like never before.

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  • Wildlife Watching: The snow leopard, the Siberian ibex, and the Argali sheep are all known to frequent the Gurvansaikhan Mountains.
  • Flaming Cliffs: Also known as Bayanzag, the red and orange cliffs of this South Gobi treasure are home to dinosaur fossils, wildlife, and the Moltsog sand dunes.
  • Yol Valley: Explore the Yol Valley, often blanketed with snow throughout the year, and keep an eye out for the Lammergeier, the famous vultures of the Gobi, soaring around the ravine.


Day 1

Gobi Desert (south)

From Ulaanbaatar, fly to Dalanzagaad airport in the South Gobi and make your way to Three Camel Lodge. In the evening,

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Principals: The lodge is built according to environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines.

Accommodation: Experience living in a traditional felt tent of Mongolia’s nomadic herders.

Surroundings: Stay in the unforgettable environment of the Gobi Desert's stunning Gobi-Altai Mountain Range.

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Day 2

Gobi Desert (south)

Travel to the Gurvansaikhan Mountains and keep your eyes open for spectacular wildlife. The snow leopard, the Siberian ibex and the Argali sheep are all local residents around the area. Explore the Yol Valley and its deep ravine, which is often blanketed with snow throughout the year. Partake in the joys of bird watching, as you are sure to see the bearded vulture, also known as the Lammergeier, soaring around the ravine.

Gobi Desert (south)
Gobi Desert (south)

Day 3

Gobi Desert (south)

Spend the day at Flaming Cliffs in Bayanzag where red and orange hues come together to create an awe-inspiring sight. Home to ancient dinosaur fossils, the Bayanzag area is an exciting destination allowing you to get up close to massive dinosaur remains. Watch for wildlife in the Moltsog sand dunes and meet Mongolian locals in the area.

Day 4


Enjoy a short scenic flight back to Ulaanbaatar. If there is time, explore the unique capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Discover the Gandan Monastery, home to over five thousand monks. Take a stroll through the Zaisan Memorial, a popular lookout where you can view the whole city. Depart Ulaanbaatar for your journey onward.

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