Depending on the direction of your travel, Busan, formerly Pusan, is either the end of your journey or the beginning of an adventure. Home to some of Korea's finest beaches, nature reserves, and hot springs, Busan is a bustling port city with international appeal. From Busan, travelers can proceed on to Jeju Island, or ride the KTX high-speed rail all the way to Seoul, the capital.

Highlights of Busan include the Nakdong Sanctuary, which serves as a winter refuge for over a hundred rare bird species; the regal Beomeo-sa Temple, one of Korean's great cultural treasures; and the fun, vibrant Haeundae, a lively beach area that ranks as one of Korea's best.


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Beomeo-sa Buddhist Temple

Take a private, guided tour of the ancient Beomeo-sa Buddhist Temple. One of Korea’s “Five Great Temples,” the complex dates to 678 and is home to many of the country’s priceless national artifacts.

Dongnae Spa

Immerse yourself in the steaming, mineral-rich waters of the Dongnae Spa, Korea’s oldest natural hot spring--reputedly frequented by the Silla Dynasty’s Queen Seondeok during the seventh century.

Haeundae Beach

Spend a day taking in the sights of Haeundae Beach, South Korea’s equivalent to South Beach, Miami; charter a private yacht for a day of water activities around Busan Bay and also visit the Busan Aquarium.

Jagalchi Fish Market

Explore the atmospheric Jagalchi Fish Market, South Korea’s most interesting wet market and one of the most iconic experiences of Busan. We recommend an early-morning visit, followed by breakfast in one of the many restaurants within the seven-story building.

Nakdonggang Bird Sanctuary

From October to March, take a chartered boat ride through the Nakdong River Estuary and around Eulsukdo Island, which collectively comprise the the Nakdonggang Bird Sanctuary. Eulsukdo is visited by such rare species as White-naped Cranes, Blackfaced Spoonbills, and White-tailed Eagles, all of whom migrate here to spend the winter.

Seomyeon Medical Street

Discover Seomyeon Medical Street, with over 100 clinics specializing in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, optometry, orthopedics and much more. Contrast this experience with a check-up at a center for traditional Korean medicine.

Yonggungsa Buddhist Temple

Explore the Yonggungsa Buddhist temple, dramatically situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. Built in 1376 under the auspices of the Goryeo Dynasty, it’s a popular place of pilgrimage for South Koreans as they pray for the upcoming New Year.

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