Chau Doc

Located in the west of the Mekong Delta, near the border with Cambodia, Chau Doc lies 174 miles (280 miles) southwest of Saigon. A recent addition to Vietnamese territory, Chau Doc was given as a gift from the Cambodian monarch in return for Vietnamese aid in putting down an insurrection. Centuries of trade along the river have created a unique culture, a fusion of Khmer, Chinese, and Vietnamese influences.


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Festival of Lady Xu

Held at Sam Mountain, 3 miles (5 kilometers) outside Chau Doc, the Festival of Lady Xu is a lively, joyous occasion that provides travelers a chance to mingle with locals at their happiest and most relaxed. Festivities include various performances, including a number of dances, a procession, as well as a ritual wherein the statue is washed, dressed in new clothes, and the old clothes distributed amongst the crowd for good luck. The festival is held from the 23rd to the 27th day of the fourth lunar month.

Phu Hiep

Visit Phu Hiep, a community of the Cham people of Malay origin who are practicing Muslims. Phu Hiep has several mosques including the “Mubarak” mosque, which was a gift from the Egyptian president.

River Cruise

Cruise the “Three Rivers Crossing” in a traditional sampan. Visit authentic floating houses, a floating fruit market, and some of the area’s unique floating fish farms.

Riverside Walk

Stroll along the river and end up at the local market, where you can haggle over prices.

Sam Mountain

A famous complex of dozens of pagodas and temples, some set in caves, Sam Mountain's construction reflects the multicultural blend of the area. Stroll leisurely to the top for amazing views of the delta’s pancake-flat, low-lying terrain. Weather permitting, you can easily look out over Cambodia. On the summit sits a military outpost, which is still garrisoned by the Vietnamese military --a legacy of the days when the Khmer Rouge made cross-border raids.

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