Mai Chau

Just 100 miles from Hanoi - the bustling capital city of Vietnam - is the lush, tranquil hideaway of Mai Chau, a mountainous rural district that has recently caught the attention of travelers in the northwest of Vietnam. As the villages that dot the valleys are located less than 500 feet above sea level, the area is known for its stilt houses - many of which have been transformed into guesthouses. Spending time in Mai Chau means being transported back in time, to traditional villages and an era of living off the bright green rice paddies surrounding them. While more and more people are discovering the natural beauty of the area, its serenity and charm still exists.


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Countryside Cycle

There’s no better way to see the rolling foothills, lush green rice paddies, and traditional villages than by cycling through the Mai Chau valley. Guests can rent bicycles in town and enjoy a day of fresh mountain air and picturesque rural landscapes.

Mo Luong cave

Located inside Pu Kha Mountain, this cave, meaning “big course of stream,” is an incredible site to see. Enter via in Mai Chau town or - with a guide - through the back entrance from the water current in the Chieng Chau commune.

Nature Trek

One of the more alluring aspects of Mai Chau is the natural scenery - visitors can take advantage of all the lush green and fresh mountain air by spending the day exploring the countryside on foot.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Just a short jaunt from Mai Chau is the Pu Luong Nature Reserve, worthwhile of a visit to see endangered species like leopards, civets and bears, as well as many different types of bird species.

Village Homestay

With many homes having opened their doors in recent years to tourists looking for a traditional homestay, guests can enjoy a night in a stilt house, cooking and eating traditional Vietnamese food with a local family and learning about their culture.

Village Hop

Dotting the countryside are small tribal villages like Ban Poom Coong, Ban Lac 1 and Ban Lac 2. Stop in and meet the locals who live in these villages - they may even show you some of their daily activities or invite you in for a traditional meal.

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