For over a hundred years, the city of Hue was home to the capital of Vietnam under the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Because of this legacy, Hue brims with a wealth of cultural and historic treasures, from imperial tombs to the ruined palaces of the Forbidden Purple City, where only the emperors, concubines and members of their households were permitted - and where trespassers were put to death.


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Citadel Tour

Explore Hue’s landmark attraction, the Citadel. Originally constructed in 1804 as the seat of imperial government, it is comprised of six-foot thick brick ramparts and 10 fortified gates, all encircled by a 100-foot wide moat.

Imperial Cuisine

For lunch, dine like the Hue royals at Tinh Gia Vien, a wonderful old Hue-style garden villa on a quiet side street. Formerly the residence of a princess, the restaurant was converted by a bonsai enthusiast, and serves Imperial cuisine.

Perfume River Cruise

Take a cruise along the Perfume River, during which your expert guide will explain the eight relatively intact royal tombs scattered along the river valley. Each was built when the emperor was still alive and was meticulously planned right down to the last detail.

Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Built in 1845, this wooden palace houses relics and fine art from the Nguyen Dynasty, the last imperial dynasty in Vietnam. The museum’s extensive collection includes 150-year-old glass paintings, court robes, head gear, ceramics, plus musical instruments, utensils and other decorative artifacts made from precious stones, bone, ivory, enamel and bronze.

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