Hong Kong Island

After their defeat at the hands of the Royal Navy, Qing Dynasty China surrendered Hong Kong Island, then a sleepy fishing village, to the British crown. Because of its strategic, deep-water harbor, Hong Kong Island was developed heavily in the intervening years. Today, Hong Kong Island is a flourishing, cosmopolitan location, and is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Highlights of Hong Kong Island include dim sum lunch at an upscale restaurant; touring the outlying islands and the busy Aberdeen district by private junk; and hiking the twisting Dragon's Back Trail, which runs across rugged, mountainous terrain.


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Aberdeen & Outlying Islands by Private Junk

Setting out from Aberdeen, spend the day exploring Hong Kong's outlying islands aboard your own traditional Chinese junk. The waters around Hong Kong are filled with islands large and small, some with fishing villages or relaxed communities of expats and locals, others home only to lovely isolated beaches and coves where you can pause for some swimming.

Asian Contemporary Art

An art expert will take you on a private tour of Hong Kong's vibrant Asian Contemporary Art scene, including visits to top galleries, collections and studios to give you an insider's view of this exploding industry.

Chinese Antiquities & Hollywood Road

Explore the galleries and boutiques of Hollywood Road, where some of the finest Asian antiquities and antiques can be found. Meet gallery owner Oi Ling at her gallery specializing in Chinese antiquities for a private tour of her excellent collection.

Dim Sum

Have a classic Cantonese lunch of dim sum at a restaurant renowned for its modern, elegant take on classic dishes such as steamed lobster dumplings, asparagus spring rolls, and barbecued pork buns. If you are feeling adventurous, try some of the less familiar options, such as pig offal soup and stinky tofu (tofu fermented in brine). Afterwards, tour the kitchen to see the team of cooks working together at high speed to produce delicious dim sum.

Dragon's Back Hiking Trail

Named for its twisting, winding course, the Dragon’s Back lies within close proximity to the bustle of Hong Kong’s populated areas. Hikers will be rewarded with panoramic views of various locations, from beachside Stanley to the surrounding cerulean waters of the South China Sea.

Helicopter Tour

Start the day with a helicopter tour over Hong Kong island and Victoria Harbour, taking in views of Victoria Peak, the South China Sea and outlying islands, and the dynamic architecture of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Stanley Market

Visit Stanley Market, located near several beautiful beaches on the south side of Hong Kong Island. This bustling open air-market carries a lot of tourish kitsch, but it has its charms. Stop in one of the waterfront cafés for a coffee, if you wish, or browse through the bazaar and pick up mementos like a Chinese chop with your name on it, or a silk scarf.

Walking Tour

Go on a half-day historical tour of Hong Kong. Your walking tour will also include some of the city’s iconic means of transit – the Mid-Levels escalator, the world’s largest outdoor escalator system, and the Peak Tram, which delivers you to Victoria Peak, the highest point on the island. Your expert guide will take you through the neighborhoods of Central, Wan Chai, the Peak, and, after crossing Victoria Harbour on the iconic Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon.

Wine Tasting

Meet one of the region’s top sommeliers and have a blind wine taste test of fine Chinese wines versus wines from California, France, Italy and other well-established regions. Chinese wines are gaining traction with young, local oenophiles as the country’s winemakers – many of whom are specialists who also consult in France, Austria and New Zealand – race to produce fine wines instead of the tawny country wines that have been rolling off the production line since neglected vineyards in mainland China were resurrected in the 1980s.

Hong Kong Regions

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