Just across the harbor from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories are contiguous to mainland China. Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) is on the waterfront and is home to some of Hong Kong's finest international shops and hotels as well as outstanding museums. The West Kowloon Cultural District is next to TST and the government's ambitious plans for this area include world-class cultural and arts institutions as well as a large waterfront park and luxury housing and hotels. Mongkok is a congested area crammed with interesting markets of all kinds, and is one of our favorite neighborhoods for exploring on foot to see traditional Hong Kong life. Recommended sights include tea at the Peninsula, a Hong Kong institution dating from the colonial era; the comprehensive, interactive Hong Kong Museum of History; and custom shirts, suits, and formal wear at a bespoke tailor.


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Chi Lin Buddhist Nunnery

Visit one of Hong Kong’s finest traditional gardens at the immaculately designed Chi Lin Buddhist Nunnery, originally constructed in the 1930s. The grounds include a beautifully landscaped garden whose design was based on Jiangshouju, a garden in Shanxi province, China, which even today exhibits the original Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) horticultural principles it was created on.

HK Art and Space Museums & Cultural Centre

Stroll along Salisbury Road, lined with excellent museums and public spaces, including the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Hong Kong Space Museum.

Hong Kong Museum of History

Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History, which is home to the permanent exhibit "The Hong Kong Story." As its name implies, the exhibit details Hong Kong's progression on several levels, including its natural development over 400 million years and its evolution from fishing village to a world-class city.

Hong Kong Tailors

Hong Kong has long been considered one of the world capitals of custom-made tailoring for both men and women. While prices and quality vary widely, Remote Lands will be happy to suggest a reputable tailor, shirt maker or dressmaker and make arrangements to bring you to the requisite two or more fittings necessary to reach the perfect fit.

Mongkok Bird, Flower & Goldfish Markets

Experience the real old Hong Kong on the densely packed streets of Mong Kok and Prince Edward. Walk through the Bird Market, Flower Market and Goldfish Market where shopkeepers still use abacuses as calculators.

Tea at the Peninsula

Have afternoon tea in the lobby of the grande dame Peninsula Hotel for a Hong Kong tradition that still retains its colonial air.

Wong Tai Sin

Have your fortune told at Wong Tai Sin, a Taoist temple built in honor of a deity, whose name literally means "The Immortal Wong" as he purportedly created an elixir able to cure any illness. Rows of soothsayers line the side of the main building, and you may speak to one after performing a ritual called kau cim. This involves offering incense at the main altar and shaking a bamboo stick out of a canister, which is then exchanged for a piece of paper bearing a corresponding number and text that one of the fortune tellers can interpret for you.

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