Huangshan, in the south of Anhui Province, is mainly known for the Huangshan Scenic Area, home to Huangshan, the "Yellow Mountain." Huangshan is one of China's most revered and respected landmarks, comprising multiple granite peaks, many reaching 3,250 feet elevation. While Huangshan is no doubt the reason most people travel to the area, as a tourist city, it offers a good selection of other attractions, such as Hongcun Village and Tunxi Ancient Street. China's tea culture is particularly prominent in this area, and you can expect to samples scores of different locally-harvested leaves.


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Huangshan Scenic Area

The muse of poets and painters for centuries, Huangshan draws an endless stream of visitors year round and is a must-see in the region. You can ascend one of the many peaks via well-constructed walkways and stairs carved into the side of the mountain (there are said to be up to 60,000 stairs in the park). There are also cable cars to the walkways at the summits. Home to hundreds of animal and bird species and a rich diversity of trees and plants, the Huangshan Scenic Area is worth at least a full day of exploring – you can cover all the major peaks in a single day of hiking. You can also camp on the mountain for a closer experience with nature.

Tangyue Memorial Archway

This collection of seven ancient arches in Shexian County is the biggest complex of arches in the province. Each beautifully constructed archway has its own moving history – they memorialize a person or family – some of them dedicated to women, which was not a common practice in ancient China.

Tunxi Ancient Street

Dating back to the Song Dynasty at the turn of the 1st century, this historic corner of Tunxi District began as a collection of shops and became somewhat of a trade hub in the province. It comprises a pedestrian commercial zone paved with dark red flagstones, and provides a classic example of the traditional Chinese shophouse with retail space the front and residential zone in the back. Not only is it a great place to view well-preserved historic architecture, it's also where you can find unusual curios and mementos.

Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages

This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to Hongcun and Xidi ancient houses, with more than 100 different well-preserved examples of Ming and Qing Dynasty residences. Wandering through its cobblestone lanes, through archways and past old pavilions with intricate stone and wood carvings, you can get a feel for life as it was experienced In China around the 14th century.

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