Mount Emei

In China's wild heart, Sichuan province is to home Mount Emei, the highest of China's four sacred Buddhist mountains. To its west lies the mountainous terrain of Daxiangling and to its east the Sichuan Basin. Deservedly named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, Mount Emei is part of Permian Emeishan, a large igneous area created by volcanic eruptions that took place millennia ago. As such, it is popular among nature enthusiasts for its diverse flora and fauna. As an acknowledged place of enlightenment, the mountain is significant for its role in the introduction of Buddhism to China. It is the location of the country's first Buddhist monastery and now more than one hundred temples have been built on its hallowed grounds. Mount Emei's vast area is home to hundreds of criss-crossing mountain trails and hikes through caves and past temples, and attracts visitors from around the world


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Giant Buddha of Leshan

The highest Buddha in the world stands at more than 230 feet, towering over the Leshan prefecture. Carved into the stone of the hillside in the 8th century, it’s an impressive sight and well worth the hike to the get there.

Golden Summit

Whether accessed by a difficult climb or leisurely cable car, Mount Emei’s summit affords spellbinding views and is especially popular at sunrise and sunset when the ‘cloud sea’ is magically lit.


The vast range of trails offers something for hikers of all abilities, from the strenuous climb up to the Golden Summit from Baoguo to pleasant mountain walks through diverse vegetation, home to rare wildlife.

Jiu Lao Cave

This sacred, deep cave is located near to the Xianfen Temple. It is the destination for scores of Taoist pilgrims who brave the treacherous climb to burn incense and meditate in the search for enlightenment.


Near the summit of Mount Emei are dotted more than a hundred monasteries. Popular destinations include the large Wan-nian Monastery with its statue of Puxian Bodhisattva riding a white elephant with six tusks and Baoguo temple with its giant bronze bell.

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