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East Gobi and the Khan Khentii: Mongolia Private Jet Adventure

7 days / 6 nights
Price Per Person
From $19,100
Wildlife, UNESCO

Uncover the scenic treasures of Mongolia with this exquisite seven-day tour. You will begin your adventure in the capital of Ulaanbaatar and travel by private charter flight to remote areas of the country. Head to the East Gobi Desert and spend a few days in Ikh Nart, a nature reserve bursting with exotic wildlife and pristine landscapes. Here, you will have the chance to see the famous Argali sheep and the long-horned Siberian ibex. You will also meet friendly local herders and experience traditional Mongolian life by staying in comfortable ger camps, accommodation still used to this day by nomadic people. After, you’ll fly to the gorgeous Khan Khentii wildlife preserve, a UNESCO-designated region bursting with lush pastureland, beautiful flowers and wildlife. Here, you’ll venture into untouched wilderness and set your own journey pace by choosing to explore by foot, raft or on horseback.

Why travel by private aircraft?

Traveling via private aircraft is the ultimate way to experience Mongolia. The biggest advantage is the savings of valuable time. By flying on your own personal plane, you’ll never have to deal with transfers, flight delays or cancellations. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to discover exclusive and distant destinations, usually inaccessible to travelers. Mongolia is yours to discover with your own Cessna Caravan – a luxurious and comfortable choice for your Mongolian getaway.

This itinerary is an example. It’s designed to inspire you and provide you with thoughtfully curated ideas. You can choose to do this exact itinerary or completely personalize it. All trips are 100% bespoke.


  • Wildlife: The long-horned Siberian ibex is just one of the fascinating species you'll discover in Ikh Nart.
  • Horseback Riding: Gallop through Khan Khentii's rich pastureland on horseback, like the Mongols have been doing for centuries.
  • Nomadic Culture: Interact with local herders, learn about traditional Mongolian life and stay in tented ger camps.


Day 1


Ikh Nart

Start your amazing journey in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, and meet your welcoming Mongolian guide in the morning. Board your personal plane and take a scenic flight over the stunning grassland steppe. In the afternoon, you’ll arrive in Ikh Nart and spend the night at a traditional ger camp. Here, you’ll enjoy a night of comfort in fully-collapsible lodges built in the nomadic style.

Hotel Options

Day 2


Ikh Nart

You’ll spend today uncovering Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve, a breathtaking region home to a plethora of unique nature and wildlife. After breakfast, hop in a vehicle and drive to remote rocky areas to discover the fascinating Argali sheep and long-horned Siberian ibex. Then enjoy an afternoon of birdwatching and spot exotic species flying high in the sky.

Ikh Nart

Day 3


Ikh Nart

Enjoy a second day of exploration in Ikh Nart and interact with hospitable herders who migrate in and out of the nature reserve on a daily basis. Learn about traditional Mongolian life and culture as you witness locals hard at work while tending to animals. You’ll also learn about research efforts in the area, which focus on many species of mammals, including the Corsac fox, red fox, the mysterious lynx and wolf species.

Day 4


Khan Khentii »

After breakfast, step into your private plane and fly to the serene Khan Khentii nature preserve. The Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is located in the Khentii Mountains, and includes the sacred UNESCO-designated Burkhan Khaldun mountain. This is considered to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan, as well as one of the rumored locations of his tomb.  In the afternoon, take a scenic hike or ride to the local ger camp and finish the day with a delicious dinner prepared by skilled chefs.

Hotel Options
Khan Khentii

Day 5


Khan Khentii »

Today, you’ll venture farther into Khan Khentii, a protected region blanketed with rich pastureland, vibrant wildflowers and wildlife. Here, you’ll choose the pace of your journey and travel by foot, raft, or on horseback. In the afternoon, make your way to the alluring Hentii Mountains and admire the breathtaking landscape carpeted with lush birch forests.

Day 6


Khan Khentii »

Wake up in paradise and enjoy another day exploring the untouched beauty of Khan Khentii. After breakfast, you’ll head north and explore uninhabited wilderness. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to come face-to-face with elusive wolves, wild boar, moose, red deer, marmots, gazelles and more. Along the way, you’ll also admire serene rivers, gorgeous steppe valleys, and captivating meadows.

Khan Khentii

Day 7


Departure »

On your final day, you’ll take one last picturesque private flight and return to Ulaanbaatar in the morning. Here, we wish you farewell and are more than happy to assist you with your next travel arrangements. In the afternoon, you’ll head to Chinggis Khaan International Airport and check in for your flight home or to your next exciting destination.

Terms & Conditions

Price is based on double or twin hotel room occupancy and includes accommodation, transfers, car/driver, English-speaking guide, activities and entrance fees, breakfasts and some casual lunches while touring. Optional special activities will be quoted separately. Most personal expenses, including dinners, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and gratuities can be paid on the spot while traveling. Prices may vary depending on season, choice of accommodation and other factors.

Other than your long-haul flights (not included), all flights are by private jet charter. Price includes jet charter, ground arrangements, landing permits and any repositioning charges. Changes in landing fees or fuel prices may cause the itinerary price to vary.

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