Masirah Island

This skinny island measuring just seven miles across and 60 miles from top to bottom is situated off the eastern coast of Oman, and is best known for being home to the Royal Air Force of Oman, as well as a number of fishing villages which are scattered around the rocky shoreline.

Thanks to the abundance of sea turtles in the Gulf of Oman, Masirah Island also makes a popular spot for the creatures to lay their eggs, and as a result marine conservation activity has expanded in the area, alongside a steady rise in tourist numbers coming to see the turtles up-close. Only recently opened for tourists, Masirah is home to just one four-star hotel (although many visitors here choose to camp on the sand) and there's also a kitesurfing camp catering for thrill-seekers looking to take advantage of the steady 20-knot winds during monsoon season.


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As tourism is relatively new to Masirah, there’s only one main hotel to be found on the entire island. As a result, one of the best ways to spend the night is by camping out, surrounded by the pretty island surroundings. Many opt to stay on the beach to optimize their chances of seeing one of Oman’s elusive sea turtles that use the sand as hatching grounds.

Hilf Town

The island’s main town is small and relatively undeveloped, yet still has plenty in the way of shops, cafes and seaside restaurants. It’s here where you’ll find the island’s few guesthouses as well as a few surfing and kitesurfing shops that sell or rent equipment.


During monsoon season, steady 20-knot winds blow across the island, providing excellent conditions for kitesurfing. Thanks to the sport’s recent rise in popularity in the region, there’s now an established kitesurfing camp which provides accommodation and equipment rentals.

Turtle Watching

For centuries, the island has been an important hatching ground for sea turtles, but only recently have tourists become aware of this fact. Several beaches around the island have suitable conditions for the turtles to lay their eggs in the sand, and many nature-lovers choose to camp out on the beach for the best chance to get a glimpse of the turtles at night.

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Masirah Island Itineraries

City to Desert to Island: An Omani Adventure

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Masirah Island Resort

Masirah Island Resort

Masirah Island, Oman

Calling all nature lovers: Masira Island Resort, just off the coast of mainland Oman, is the ultimate wildlife destination. A turtle breeding ground, this island is home to many nesting turtles as well as other animals and ocean creatures. Enjoy an island getaway at the beach resort, which features Loggerhead turtle watching, an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, a fitness center, wildlife museum and basketball and beach volleyball facilities. The hotel features 21 guestrooms ranging from deluxe standard rooms to chalets, perfect for large groups or families. Guests may spend their days swimming in the crystal waters or exploring the island, and enjoy delicious cuisine at the all-day dining buffet. In the evenings, guests may congregate at the Sanctuary Bar for a cocktail or two, or head to Oasis Bar for a live performance. 

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