This prominent city enjoys a splendid coastal location looking out into the Gulf of Oman, and is situated just under 100 miles southwest of the country's capital of Muscat. Being next to the sea, Sur has enjoyed a long history of being an important stop for sailors, and its thriving shipbuilding industry still remains intact today.

Most visitors covering Oman normally reserve one or two days for Sur. Despite its compact size, it still packs plenty of activities to keep you busy. Take a stroll around the more-or-less undeveloped town center to see the traditional whitewashed stone houses and sleepy local life, or head to the shorefront when the tide is out to see locals kicking a ball about or enjoying a picnic on the sand. Look out for the turtles here too, which often make an appearance at night to lay their eggs before slinking back off into the ocean.


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Ras Al Had Castle

This ancient building is one of the more prominent buildings in town, located next to Sur’s main beach and adjacent lagoon. The drive or short walk up to the top of the hill upon which the castle is perched offers some excellent views over the town, and the old building complex can be explored both inside and out.

Ras Al Jinz Scientific & Visitor Center

This center is found next to the city’s famed Turtle Beach, and aims to promote social responsibility and good environmental practices, with a particular focus on the region’s endangered turtle population. Inside, there’s a range of exhibits and information resources with English-speaking guides, and the organization also provides accommodation on the beach for those interested in seeing the turtles up-close and personal.

Sunaysilah Fort

One of two major fort sites in Sur, Sunaysilah is home to a renovated museum displaying a series of interesting historical items such as rifles, pottery, home ware, jewelry, and artifacts. The fort comprises four towers and there is also a former prison, mosque, and school that can be explored.

Turtle Beach

Sur’s main beach is named after the turtles that often make an appearance on the beach to lay eggs, bury them under the sand, and then march off back into the waters in the Gulf of Oman. The best time to spot the creatures is at night, and limited tented accommodation is provided by one organization.

Wadi Shab

Translating to ‘valley’ in Arabic, Wadi Shab is one of the most beautiful attractions in the whole country. Although you’ll need a whole day to get here and back from the city of Sur, the overland journey is well worth it. The site at Shab is made up of some stunning azure pools, steep valley walls and interesting rocky enclaves and caves that can be explored in a dingy.

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