In stark contrast to the rest of the country, Salalah's hilly landscape is awash with luscious green tones for most of the year, thanks to the monsoon rains that spill over from the Indian Ocean. Behind the capital of Muscat, the built up urban area here is considered Oman's second city, and its large port fronting the sea is Salalah's main cash-cow, handling imports and exports as well as thousands of cruise ship passengers on a daily basis.

Venture out of town to explore the flourishing farms and plantations, take a trip along one of the many mountain routes and admire cascading waterfalls or get a culture fix at one of the many religious sites spread across the region. In the hills overlooking the main city is the alleged Tomb of Job, one of the most important historical sites in the whole province, and another point of real interest includes the spectacular Palace of Sultan Qaboos.


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Al Baleed Archeological Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is comprised of a complex of extensive ruins dating back to the 12th-century trading port of Zafar, and was once visited by Marco Polo in 1285. There’s also an adjacent museum next to the ruins that houses a range of exhibits and informational resources for visitors to learn more about the ruins.

Beach Road

Known locally as Corniche in Al Haffa, this is the place to come to find Salalah’s most cosmopolitan scene, with beachside restaurants and bars offering a relaxed place to enjoy some local delicacies or cup of sweet tea. Salalah’s shoreline is fringed with palm trees, and the sand – when the tide is out – is a great place to relax or have a picnic.

Khareef Festival

By far the most popular time to visit this southern part of Oman is during the Khareef Festival, held across the three months of the ‘Khareef’ and sees a calendar of cultural events, sporting competitions, concerts and shopping promotions in and around Salalah.

Sultan Qaboos' Palace

Qaboos' grand palace just outside Salalah was originally built by Sultan Turki in the 19th century, and has since been home to a number of Omani sultans over the years. Looking over the coast, the impressive complex of buildings is surrounded by a large stone wall with entry through a set of imposing teak doors.

Tomb of Job

Make the memorable drive up the hill overlooking the town, past some of the best of what Salalah has to offer in terms of scenery, to reach this alleged burial site of Job, the Biblical Prophet. The allure of the tomb is more in its historical significance, rather than as spectacle in itself, although the views from the top are very impressive.

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