A prominent deep-water port on Sri Lanka's east coast, Trincomalee is also a major cultural center of Sri Lanka's Tamil minority. Throughout its long history, Trincomalee reputedly hosted such luminaries as Ptolemy and Marco Polo. In later years, both Dutch and British traders colonized the area, leaving behind landmarks such as Fort Frederick. In addition, Trincomalee is home to several delightful beaches and snorkeling, and is an excellent place to experience marine wildlife.


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Dolphin Watching

Watch these majestic creatures from an open-air boat as they glide effortlessly along the coast. Catch a boat before sunrise and enjoy the trip as great schools of dolphins break the surface of the water, tinged with orange as the sun rises over the horizon.

Fort Frederick

Visit Fort Frederick, historically of strategic value to colonial powers because of Trincomalee’s natural deep-water harbor and Sri Lanka’s proximity to India. British fortifications more than a century old can be found around the grounds.

Koneswaram Temple

Take a look around this 14th century temple, built to honour the Hindu God Shiva. The temple is famous for its deep crevice that reveals a sheer drop down into the sea, also known as ‘Lovers Leap’.

Local Markets

Explore the culture rich fruit and vegetable markets in Trinco where a vast array of fresh local produce can be purchased. The wholesale fish market showcases the exotic and diverse fish that inhabit the waters near the city and include tuna, barracuda and squid, all freshly caught by the local fishermen.

Meeting Fishermen

Introduce yourself to the local fishermen as they pull their nets in from the sea about 1 km north of the city. In the early morning hours, they situate themselves along the beach for around three to four hours, pulling in their kilometer-long nets and seeing what they’ve caught.

Nilaveli Beach & Pigeon Island

Relax on Trincomalee’s pristine Nilaveli Beach and swim in its turquoise waters. Take a 10-minute boat ride to Pigeon Island, a few hundred yards offshore, where there is excellent snorkeling around the formation once used by the British Navy for gunnery practice. Explore the natural saltwater pools among the rocks that are the breeding site of the Blue Rock pigeon.

Swami Rock

Walk to the northern tip of Fort Frederick and the cliff known as “Swami Rock,” a sheer drop of 400 feet into the Indian Ocean. Perched on the summit of the rock is the Thirukoneswaram Hindu Temple; its site is believed to have been a major religious shrine dating back more than two millennia.

The Tree of Fertility

This site bears great cultural significance to the people of Trincomalee. Hindu women come from great distances to hang cradles on this sacred tree in the belief that this sign of faith will help them become pregnant.

Trincomalee Harbour

Pay a visit to this world-class harbour located on the fifth largest lake in the world. Set in stunning natural surroundings, the deep blue waters of the lake are a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight.

Whale Watching

Go whale watching, as the waters around Trincomalee are famous for sightings of various species, including the common blue whale, the Bryde’s whale and the Sperm Whale.

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