Scott Rainen

One Day in Luoyang? Here’s What You Do

Thanks to the new bullet train from Xian, it's now easier than ever to do a Luoyang day trip. With such a historic site, it's important to hit the right attractions....

A Little Terracotta Luxury in Xian

Luxury hotels, fine dining, and bullet trains – with modern travel amenities improving every day, this ain't Qin Shi Huang's Xian any more....

5 Crucial Red Tourism Sites in Beijing

Arise, fellow workers! Destroy the paper tigers of the West! Eschew the bourgeois capitalist roaders! Or – maybe instead – use today's China to stare into the country's recent, tumultuous history....
Scott Rainen

Scott Rainen

Scott Rainen is a writer for Remote Lands. He has also written for such publications as The World of Chinese and The Nanjinger. He principally works as a translator for Zhege LLC, a company he jointly founded in 2016.