Remote Lands planned our fifteen-day, four-city China Singapore trip perfectly! They knew the ins and outs of Asia's first ever night-time F1 street race - no small feat.
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Zhangye Danxia

Visiting exotic Zhangye Danxia in the undiscovered territory of Northwestern China is a unique experience unknown to many travelers. The Zhangye Danxia Landform is part of the Gansu Province in China. The incredible colorful mountains and cliffs paint the landscape red. Unlike any other geological site in the world, the cliffs have an unreal beauty.The cliffs range from vibrant blues to stunning crimsons. The ancient landmarks are composed mainly of sandstone and have been traced back in time to over six million years ago. There are hundreds of small, shallow caves spotting the mountains. The area was actually the first stop on the Silk Road trodden by so many traders for centuries. The accommodations are not typically luxurious, but traveling to see these rare geological formations is worth a more rustic adventure. Very few travelers have visited this difficult-to-reach area. Simply flying into the area alone will offer stunning views and a glimpse into nature unlike anywhere else in the world. The area is also full of lush valleys and rolling hills.

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