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China's Magnificent Mountaintops by Private Jet

11 days / 10 nights
Price Per Person
Amazing Landscapes, UNESCO

Fly throughout China on your own private jet as you explore the extreme terrain that helps to make up the country's rugged-yet-stunning mountainscapes. You will see some of the most beautiful - and least visited - natural sites in the world. Journey from one national park to another, visiting ancient ruins along the way. You will cover plenty of ground in this 11-day itinerary as you travel from Beijing to Changbaishan, Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Jiuzhaigou, Lijiang, Shangri-La and Zhangye Danxia, on a journey that will both inspire and humble.

Why travel by private jet?

Travel in style and ultimate comfort when you set out in a private jet. Long lines at customs, unending waits in terminals and stressing over lost luggage will not be a part of your vacation when you travel by private jet. This is the quickest, most convenient, and most luxurious way to travel. Spend more time in the places you want to see, instead of in the airport.

This itinerary is an example. It’s designed to inspire you and provide you with thoughtfully curated ideas. You can choose to do this exact itinerary or completely personalize it. All trips are 100% bespoke.


  • Jet-setting: Jet across the vast country to discover its far-flung corners, from the Tibetan Plateau to rainbow cliffs in the northern deserts and mirror lakes in the heartlands.
  • World-Class Natural Heritage: From the otherworldly Avatar mountains of Zhangjiajie to Jiuzhaigou's crystal lakes and Guilin's dramatic limestone karsts, these fairytale landscapes are all designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites recognized for their natural and scenic beauty.
  • Ancient Towns: Discover Lijiang's well-preserved ancient towns and their canals, winding cobblestone alleys, and history of over 800 years.


Day 1


Zhangjiajie »

This morning, board your private jet for a flight from Beijing to Changbaishan, in China’s northeastern Jilin province. Here, you will enjoy a full day at Tianchi Lake, also known as Heaven Lake, and the nearby waterfall. The lake is not only a beautiful location, but it is interesting because China’s border with North Korea crosses through the middle. Admire the crater lake that rests in the caldera of Baekdu Mountain, the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula, and glance into North Korea, the world’s most reclusive nation. You’re only pausing in picturesque Changbaishan for the day; this evening you will fly on to Zhangjiajie. After a busy day covering quite a large bit of China, check in to the Pullman Zhangjiajie to rest up for the days ahead.

Hotel Options

Day 2


Zhangjiajie »

Visit the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hike among the 3,000 stunning pillar-like formations that tower throughout the park. Take an elevator up the Huangshi Fort and marvel at your bird’s-eye view of the park. Hike a mountain path to soak up the lush foliage and follow the Jinbian Brook from north to south to wind across the mountains and valleys. This evening, retire to your hotel after an active day.


Day 3


Zhangjiajie »

You have another full day to explore wondrous Wulingyuan. There are stone age relics in Zhangjiajie worth checking out before going to see the Lishui River and the Suoxi Valley in the national park. The Suoxi Valley has been used as the setting for many films. Enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch on the riverbanks, and take in the stunning natural scenery and peacefulness that surrounds.

Day 4


Jiuzhaigou »

Board your jet this morning and set off for Jiuzhaigou Airport in Sichuan province. Your destination today is the Jiuzhaigou Valley nature reserve and scenic park. This is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site, right on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau in Sichuan Province. There’s diverse plant life and wildlife in the area. 


Day 5


Guilin & Yangshuo »

Spend the day exploring the park. The most famous attractions are its various glacial lakes. Observe the unique traits of each lake, some with brightly-colored water, others with water that’s more translucent, and even some mirror-lakes. Wander through dense pine forests and find rushing waterfalls. Marvel at the incredible peaks surrounding you.

Hotel Options

Day 6


Lijiang »

Catch an incredible aerial view of the national park as you depart on your private jet. Fly to Lijiang, a town at the base of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The tallest peak in the nearby mountain range is Shanzidou, which has been summited only once. 

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Day 7


Lijiang »

Explore the darling town of Lijiang, filled with canals, winding cobblestone alleys and old-world wooden structures. Visit the Baisha Village, home to the Naxi people from 658 AD to 1107 AD. This was once a major center for silk weaving, and an important stop along the Silk Road. The palace is a must-see. 

Day 8


Shangri-la »

Drive around 4 hours to the world-famous Shangri-La. The city name alone is synonymous with luxury. Take a stroll in Tiger Leaping Gorge, and visit the old town named after James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon. Although the town received an influx of tourists after they renamed it from Zhongdian to Shangri- La, it has managed to preserve its unique architecture and heritage. 

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Day 9


Zhangye Danxia »

Step aboard your private jet and fly off to Jiayuguan. From here, you’ll transfer to a car, which will whisk you away to Zhangye Danxia - home to an incredible collection of colorful geological landforms. This was one of the first stops on the ancient Silk Road. 

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Day 10


Zhangye Danxia »

Spend the day exploring the cliffs of Zhangye Danxia. The cliffs’ hues range from stunning cobalt blues to bright crimson reds, and date back over six million years. The area is known for being difficult to reach, making it a rare site to see. Enjoy the tranquility of being one of the few visitors today. 

Zhangye Danxia

Day 11


Departure »

Take a last look at Zhangye Danxia’s stunning cliff formations as you drive to Jiayuguan. Here, your private jet is waiting to take you to Beijing. From Beijing, you may choose to either extend your stay, or begin your journey home.

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