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Altai Mountains

The vast string of mountains sprawling across southern Siberia, from Kazakhstan to the west and into Mongolia and China in the east and south, is sometimes known as the Golden Altais. Many parts of the Siberian Altais have been recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites including the areas around Lake Teletskoye, Mount Belukha, and the Ukok plateau.

The diverse terrain is home to a huge range of beautiful and fascinating flora and fauna. From the craggy, snowy peaks and plummeting gorges, to the glittering glacier lakes like glinting turquoise gems set into the foothills, to rich green meadows, thickets and taigas and sprawling steppes, it’s as if nature is showing off. A visit to this vast and beautiful untouched land is to truly get away from it all. The only inhabitants are the nomadic, yurt-dwelling tribes that navigate the terrain as they have done for centuries. The key to a fulfilling discovery of this unique destination is full immersion in nature, living and breathing in the gorgeous scenery like those who call it home.

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