This historic city dates back 300 years, and makes a popular stop-off on the world-famous Trans-Siberian Railway route that stretches from Russia’s capital of Moscow to the very eastern corner of the country. Barnaul has a past deeply rooted in the silver and copper mining industries, and many of the museums and galleries dotted around the quaint city center pay testament to that fact.

Along with several worthwhile cultural visits, Barnaul is also home to a handful of interesting parks, as well as a steadily growing restaurant and bar scene that caters more towards more affluent locals or visitors making a short stop-off from their epic overland train trip. Elsewhere, the stunning Altai Mountains are only a short 1.5-hour’s drive away, making for a popular city excursion.


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Lenina Prospekt

Lenina Prospekt is the main street in Barnaul, and stretches all the way from one end of the city to another. The large boulevard-like road often fills up in the warmer months with pedestrians, and this is also where you’ll find the city’s most famous building,'Shpil’.

Museum of History, Culture, Literature and Art of Altay

This popular museum is dedicated to all things Altai Mountains, with a whole host of excellent exhibitions detailing the long history of the region. This includes some particularly interesting archeological findings alongside some artifacts from various Altai ethnic tribes.


This odd-looking building in the middle of Barnaul remains from Soviet times, and fronting the structure is a giant clock, which is where the building’s second name (‘Chasy’) is derived from. There’s a nice pedestrianized square towards the front that makes for a great photo opportunity.

Sovetov Square

This large patch of land in the city center commemorates the Soviet history of Barnaul with a few interesting statues and monuments. This is also the place to come to find some of the city’s best restaurants, and although choice is not huge, the broad spectrum of flavors on offer is surprising.

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