In the midst of Siberia, on the banks of the Yenisei River, the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk might be one of the country’s largest producers of aluminium, but it’s also noted for its beautiful scenery. Surrounded by mountains and pine forests, the city is a popular base for travelers seeking to explore some of the best of Siberia’s countryside.

In close proximity to mountains with world class ski-jumping tracks and a nature park populated with soaring rock formations, Krasnoyarsk is popular with intrepid thrill-seekers looking for something a little extreme. Meanwhile, nature invades the city itself, in the form of lush green islands in the center of the river, drawing visitors and residents for peaceful and pleasant day trips. What’s more, it’s a city of history and culture, packed with churches, museums and galleries - many in well-preserved historic buildings. Perhaps the most famous construction of all, though, is the formidable Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Dam, harnessing the power of the Yenisei River and contributing to the city’s considerable output.


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Hydroelectric Dam

Thanks to this masterpiece of engineering, the Yenisei River never freezes, despite Siberia’s notoriously punishing winters. Neither does it exceed 57 degrees in the hot summers - affecting the local climate. Standing at more than 400 feet, it is an impressive sight and, as a symbol of the area, is depicted on the ten rouble bill.

Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel

Set atop Karaulnaya Mountain and overlooking Krasnoyarsk, this distinctive and striking Russian Orthodox church affords stunning views of the city. Famously a place of pilgrimage, many young lovers meet there to get engaged. The chapel also makes an appearance on the ten rouble note.

Ski jumping

Thrill-seekers and outward-bound adventurers are drawn to Krasnoyarsk for its proximity to Nikolayevskaya Sopka, a mountain famed for its excellent ski-jumping tracks and home to the city’s Academy for Winter sports.

Stolby Nature Reserve

In Russian, ‘stolby’ means pillars and indeed this park, sprawling over 180 square miles, is home to fantastic granite rock formations, some of which stand as high as 300 feet. The reserve is also, unsurprisingly, very popular with rock climbers, especially those practising ‘Solbizm’ - an extreme form without ropes.

Yenisei River Islands

Running through the center of the city, from east to west, the Yenisei River is home to a number of pretty, green islands. Tourists and locals alike flock across, mainly to the largest two, Tatyshev and Otdyha, to spend a pleasant day in nature - in the middle of the city.

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