Perched at the tip of Russia’s Golden Horn Bay, Vladivostok stands apart from some of Siberia’s more greyscale cities with its majestic mountains overlooking the network of bays, historical architecture and vibrant dining and nightlife scenes. The sprawling city is also where thousands embark – or finish – the epic overland Trans-Siberian railway trip to or from the Russian capital, Moscow.

To get an idea of how far away this is in the depths of Eastern Russia, both China and North Korea are located nearby, with many heading south into China to continue their adventure. The hilly city streets of Vladivostok have plenty of attractions and sights to keep you busy for a few days, as well as ample restaurants, cafes and bars to refuel after an inevitably long trip to arrive here. Topping the bill of tourist must-sees are a whole host of museums, galleries and historical monuments, as well as the iconic Golden Horn Bridge that stretches 1.3 miles over the magnificent bay.


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Arsenyev Regional History Museum

This popular museum in the heart of the city is home to a range of exhibitions and displays depicting both recent history and natural history of this eastern part of Russia. The impressive building is situated on a street corner of Vladivostok, drawing in both locals and passing visitors wanting to grab a quick culture fix.

Golden Horn Bridge

No visitor to Vladivostok can fail to notice this impressive structure, especially at night when the suspensions are illuminated, acting as a beacon of light across the city. The 1.3-mile bridge stretches all the way across the Golden Horn Bay, an area that has drawn similarities to the bay of San Francisco – just a lot colder!

Museum Vladivostok Fortress

This 100-year-old fortress impresses both in terms of size as well as location; overlooking the sea on the tip of Siberia’s Golden Horn, the fortress boasts great views and has a long and interesting history about which visitors can learn from one of the helpful guides. It was originally built as a defence against Japanese invasion, and today you’ll find defused bombs, chain guns, and military vehicles scattered around the area.

Trans-Siberian Railway Eastern Terminal

Amongst other things, Vladivostok is famous for being the most eastern point of the historic Trans-Siberian railway, which crosses the entire country from Moscow. This incredible overland journey takes six days with two departures every day from both the Russian capital and in the opposite direction from Vladivostok, passing key stop-offs along the way such as Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Ekaterinburg.

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