Yekaterinburg, often romanized as Ekaterinburg, is regarded as one of the major gateways between Europe and Asia and is an important stop along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. Many who make the epic overland journey across Russia use the city as a welcome break from the train's bunks. The city center has plenty to offer, keeping short-time visitors occupied for at least a few days.

This modern, industrialized city is in fact the fourth-largest in Russia behind Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. Despite its shiny new appearance full of 21st century office blocks, towering apartments, and new government buildings, Yekaterinburg actually dates back as far as 1721, when Peter the Great ruled the territory.


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Chinese Market

Those jumping off the train for a day needing to stock up on supplies usually make a beeline for the ‘Chinese Market’, the biggest in town. Expect the daily bazaar to comprise hundreds of stalls, selling everything from mink coats to toiletries and fresh food.

Limpopo Park

Limpopo once held the title of being the largest water park in Asia. Although now a little aged, the massive complex outside the city center still has a decent range of water slides, pools and entertainment zones to keep the kids (and bigger kid inside you) occupied for half-a-day.

Museum of Fine Arts

Ranking among Yekaterinburg’s most popular cultural venues, the Museum of Fine Arts is located on the west bank of the river which cuts through the city center. Here you’ll find a range of superb works from well-known 18th and 19th century Russian painters, as well as some pieces dating back to the 16th century from lesser-known artists.

QWERTY Monument

One of Yekaterinburg’s more unusual attractions, this monument comes in the form of a giant keyboard built into the side of a small grassy hill. It’s probably not worth a special trip on its own, but worth a look if you’re in the area and fancy grabbing some funny Facebook snaps.

The Church of the Blood

Taking on a classic Russian appearance with a series of white-washed dome structures capped off in bright gold, this church stands at the site of the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family – hence the gory name. Worshippers and tourists are free to explore the church grounds and venture inside to see more impressive Christian architecture.

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