On the banks of the glittering waters of Lake Baikal, with the snowy peaks of Khamar Daban mountains in the background, the pretty fishing village of Listvyanka is the main gateway to the delights of the depths. The town is home to one of the few hotels in the world dedicated to a lake. Bustling and buzzing, Listvyanka is full of fishermen and sailors offering a taste of island hopping adventure and, at the fishmarket, a taste of the local delicacy, smoked Omul fish, freshly caught.

But the town has attractions beyond the lake that laps at its jetties. The streets are decorated with striking architecture, from the distinctive Hotel Mayak to St Nikolai Church, and cozy family-run restaurants serve the authentic dishes of Buriat. Learn about Baikal in its dedicated museum, meet the friendly seals in the Nerpinarium and, after a day of exploring, relax in a traditional Russian sauna.


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Baikal Museum

Explore the science of Lake Baikal with exhibits on its aquatic inhabitants and discover the watery depths in a mini-submarine. Examine the local flora in the adjoining dendropark.

Fish market

Perhaps the best place to head for the local locals’ favorite dish of Omul; these tasty fish are freshly caught from the lake and smoked to perfection. The inhabitant Buriat people enjoy Omul every day.


Hop aboard an authentic fishing boat and head out on the water to lure the catch of the day - or night; after dark, there are also tours on which you can enjoy the glassy waters by starlight.


Next to the Priboy Hotel, the giant silver Nerpinarium is home to a number of frisky, frolicking Baikal seals. Catch these cheeky customers at half hourly displays of tricks and antics.

Russian Banya

A great way to soothe aching muscle after a day on the Lake, is to visit an authentic Russian sauna. The ‘banyas’ are wooden cabins, found on the hillside or in some hotels.

St Nikolai Church

Built at the end of the 19th century, the church of St Nikolai, made out of timber in its distinctive style, is dedicated to the saint who rescued unfortunate victims of a shipwreck.

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