The capital city of the Republic of Khakassia in southern central Russia, Abakan is a historic and beautiful destination, packed with fascinating architecture, telling the stories of its interesting past. Owing in part to its advantageous position at the confluence of the Yenisei and Abakan rivers, the area has been the site of various settlements and developing civilisations since the Bronze Age, including - in the first century BC - the Palace of Li Lin. Since receiving its current name in 1931, the town has been the cultural and trade center of the autonomous region of Khakassia.

Today, Abakan is a peaceful and friendly city, small enough to navigate on foot. Green parks filled with statues, memorials and fountains punctuate the streets. Theaters and Russian Orthodox churches stand proudly as architectural examples of the regional style and the town buzzes with homemade industry. Explore the city, feel the warm welcome of its inhabitants and get acquainted with the culture through its food, buildings and games.


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Bandy game

The winter sport, Bandy - similar to ice hockey - is singularly popular in Siberia and Abakan’s local team are in the top of the league. A chance to experience a live match is not to be missed if you get the opportunity.

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

The icon of the city, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Jesus, towers over Abakan with its distinctive turrets and golden domes. Beautifully maintained, the Abakan cathedral is a stunning example of Russian Orthodox architecture.

Chinese ruins

During construction of a highway in 1940, the ruins of what is presumed to be a Han Dynasty Chinese Palace was discovered and later excavated. Aside from its purely architectural fascination, it’s a site of much historical speculation.

Park of topiary art

Among Abakan’s many pleasant parks, this stands alone for its collection of beautifully maintained and perfectly-manicured inhabitants. Perfect for an afternoon stroll, the city’s Park of Topiary Art makes for a peaceful and amusing afternoon.

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