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Putorana Plateau

The majestic Putorana Plateau is located in a remote, northern part of Siberia and makes up part of the Putorana Mountains, with the tallest peak reaching over 5,500 feet. Putorana is actually a basalt plateau, comprising vast flat plains, fortress-like mountains tops and winding rivers cutting through the jagged rocks.

This mountainous region of Russia is home to the largest-known nickel reserve on Earth, and many of the people based around Putorana work in this lucrative industry, flying in and out of the region on a regular basis. This hugely isolated part of Siberia can almost feel cut off from the rest of the world, and many group expeditions that take on the rugged terrain can go for days without seeing other groups. Putorana Plateau also boasts the highest waterfall in Asia called Talnikovy, and the nearest settlement is the remote town of Norilsk within the. Although difficult to reach (the northern tip of the region is just 62 miles from the Arctic Circle), the natural beauty of Putorana Plateau is simply outstanding - so much so that it has been included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

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