My wife and I had a really great trip to Vietnam. We enjoyed all of the hotels you recommended and felt we were very well looked after.
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Ha Giang

Home to Vietnam's most northern point, Ha Giang, on the border with China, is a stunning area of natural beauty, from lush green rice terraces, to rocky mountains with limestone springs. The eight hours from Hanoi are undoubtedly worth it for travelers in search of something spectacular and out of the ordinary. Most notable is Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, an area of vast geological heritage including ancient fossils and evidence of millennia of activity within the earth's crust.

Much of the region is too mountainous to sustain farming and as such the region is largely untouched by heavy development or tourism, allow it to retain its historic qualities and authenticity with quaint villages dotting the hillsides and rich cultures thriving within. Indeed, Ha Giang province is home to more than twenty ethnic groups, co-existing and creating a colorful palette of language and tradition. Ha Giang's capital city shares its name and is arranged along the banks of the River La, dissecting the clean, urban oasis from north to south. Visitors to Ha Giang will be delighted by the opportunities to explore true Vietnamese history, and explore some of its most breathtaking scenery.

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