Chin State

A remote enclave of highlands and rolling hills, the Chin State has long been home to a host of unique tribes and cultures. Proud and independent, such peoples have maintained their traditions even in the face of encroachment from outsiders. Indeed, the inhabitants of the area have long been fierce warriors, resisting a successive slew of invaders, including Burmese kingdoms, British colonialists, and finally, the Imperial Japanese Army of World War II. Despite their pride in their customs and traditions, however, the Chin tribes are predominantly Christian today, a legacy of American missionaries who first made their way to the area in the late nineteen century.

Certainly the highlight of any trip to the Chin State is the chance to experience authentic hill tribe culture little-changed from decades past. Living in scattered, far-flung villages, the Chin peoples are friendly and warm, a welcome contrast to their jungle home.


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Lun Yu Festival

Go on a three-hour hike to far-flung Kyardor village, home to the remote Munn Chin tribe. Participate in the Lun Yu festival, where giant stones are pulled by locals in a contest of strength, and cows and pigs are sacrificed for a huge feast. Enjoy the huge celebration, where abundant rice wine and dancing make for a most memorable evening.

Meet the Chin

Meet the Chin people, visit their homes, and learn about their lives. The Chin women are famed for their tattooed faces, a tradition that began in order to avoid being chosen as concubines by the Burmese kings. Stay overnight in Mindat at a basic but comfortable guesthouse.

Munn Chin Villages

Drive by 4WD vehicle to Aye village (two hours) or trek on foot (four hours) through many traditional Munn Chin tribal villages, a beautiful area often covered in rhododendrons. Meet many local families, and talk with people who have seldom, if ever, spoken to foreigners. Dine with a local family and some of their friends, and stay the night with them in a local Munn Chin house.

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