Situated at 4,330 feet (1,320 meters) above sea level, among the rolling pine-covered hills of the Shan Plateau, Kalaw is one of the most famous hill stations in Myanmar, frequented in British colonial times by government and military officials looking to beat the summer heat. Today, Kalaw still retains pockets of this colonial charm, with large country houses and churches dotting the wide, sloping roads. Located 29 miles (47 kilometers) west of Inle Lake, Kalaw is a trekking heartland; hikers enjoy the journey through the misty blue Kalaw mountain ranges, peppered with vibrantly attired Palaung, Pa-O, Intha and Shan hill-tribe residents. The area is also a naturalist's paradise, boasting hundreds of species of birds, insects, butterflies, monkeys, other animals and orchids.


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Go birding in Kalaw; the region is home to more than 1,000 avian species, including six endemic species that are globally endangered.

Ethnic Minority Village

Spend a half day hiking to various local villages, such as Myin Ka, a Danu settlement, and Pein ne bin, a village of the Paulang people. Meet local residents and learn about their lives in this rural part of Burma.

Local Markets

Visit a local market, where you will interact with the many ethnicities that compose the melting pot of Kalaw, from Shan to Indians, Bamar, and Nepalis (Gurkhas retired from British military service). This is a chance to buy authentic local goods from native merchants.

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