Situated in the remote northwest region of Myanmar, Nagaland is one of the least visited locales in Asia. Home to the Naga people, tribes of which also inhabit northeast India, it is a varied landscape of rugged hills and lush jungle. For centuries, the Nagas engaged in headhunting, a practice now outlawed. Many exotic traditions remain, though, most notably their elaborate costumes and headdresses incoporating tiger tusks, bear fur, hornbill feathers, and much more.


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Chindwin River

Go for a cruise along the Chindwin River, the heart of the Naga region, where locals can still be found panning the waters in search of gold.

Hkamthi & Naga Museum

Travel to the local capital of Hkamthi by plane, and have dinner with a local Naga tribal leader and his family. Spend the night in their home or in a local guesthouse. In the morning, visit the Naga Museum, where you will learn about the ancient and remote customs of one of the world’s most compelling and inaccessible regions.

Lahe Village

One of the most isolated places in the world, Lahe remains untouched by modern technology. It is often the site of the Naga New Year’s Festival, with traditional dances and performances done by all the different Naga clans, all attired in their finest colorful costumes.


Drive to Machan Naga village by 4WD vehicle and get a taste of local village life, meeting the local people and engaging in their daily activities with them.

Naga Feast

Visit Nauk-Awn village and join its residents for a traditional Naga celebration and feast. The libation of choice is locally brewed Naga rice wine. Travelers can stay the night with one of the tribal leaders and his family, or in a renovated school guesthouse.

Patkoi Mountains Trek

Trek several hours back to Lahe through the beautiful Patkoi Mountains on the Chindwin River.

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