Don Khone

The sight of the Si Phan Don archipelago, or 4,000 Islands, immediately suggests a half-submerged forest, where rural Laotians navigate between boulders and aquatic foliage on their way between villages. Of these islands, Don Khone is one of the smallest, measuring only 1.8 miles by 2.5 miles (3 by 4 kilometers). With small, thatched huts framed by thick palm forests and the idyllic waters of the Mekong, Don Khone is an ideal escape from the frantic hustle of the outside world.


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Ban Saphai

Visit nearby islands and the silk weaving village of Ban Saphai to get a weaving demonstration from locals.

Colonial Don Khone

Spend an afternoon touring French colonial villas and the old narrow-gauge railway built by the French across the Mekong during World War II.

Irawaddy Dolphins

See the famed Irawaddy dolphins, an endangered species indigenous to the Mekong River area, but usually only found in Laos and Cambodia. The dolphins are often seen swimming off the southern tip of Don Khone, and seeing them unobtrusively by boat is a memorable experience.

Visitors should note that October through December is the best time of year to spot these rare creatures.


Kayak along a tame stretch of the Mekong with local guides, perhaps spotting a dolphin up close, or go with an experienced kayaker into more challenging waters.

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