Paksong is famous, the world round, for its coffee. During the days of French colonialism the Arabica coffee plant was introduced to the area and has since continued to thrive. A combination of ideal soil conditions, climate and high altitude make for some of the best tasting coffee in the world! Visiting Paksong is like taking a step back in time; the outside world has had very little influence on the development of this bustling little community and all its relative progress. Here you can immerse yourself in culture, tradition and authentic lifestyle experiences. Meet and interact with local people - it is in places like Paksong that you can create intimate personal bonds with people worlds apart from yourself. The rest of the world could take a note in sustainable living and development from this community that moves at a pace all its own. The coffee tradition in the area sustains the regions nearly 5,000 families who have grown and evolved with the coffee farming and trading. These families are devoutly loyal to the community and set an example for the popular buy local, eat local trend that only recently caught on in the developed world.


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Bolaven Jungle – Extreme Trekking

Trek along the edge of the Bolaven Plateau on three to five day guided tours. Journey deep into the jungle and explore different waterfalls on private, Bolaven owned, land. This region’s unspoiled natural setting has a rich, biodiverse ecosystem. There is something special about being in places that no man/woman has been before. The guided tours include a survivor skills and tips portion. An English speaking Bolaven farmer who knows everything there is to know about the area will teach you what to eat, where you can find it and how to survive in the jungle.

Coffee Workshop

Visitors can enjoy an informative coffee tour at the heart of Lao’s coffee capital. Tour the coffee plantations and the organic coffee farm. Stroll through lines of brilliant-green, broad-leaved Arabica plants growing from the rich volcanic red earth. Receive a guided walk-through of the production process from husking to drying, to hand picking and see the Bolaven villagers at work. Take a lesson in how to roast coffee by wok and bring home your creation.

Tree Top Explorer

Take a zip-line tour through the jungle of southern Laos. Get an exhilarating rush as you fly over deep ravines, skim over roaring waterfalls and brush the top of the lush green jungle canopy. Scale cliff faces at jaw-dropping heights on a safe via ferrata walkway, rappel down and shower under the refreshing pristine waters of clean, clear waterfalls.

Laos Regions

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Paksong Itineraries

Treetops and Tribes of the Bolaven Plateau

7 days / 6 nights
Price Per Person
From $2,100
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Sinouk Coffee Resort

Sinouk Coffee Resort

Paksong, Laos

Discover the world’s best coffee and experience beautiful tropical greenery during a stay at the picturesque Sinouk Coffee Resort. Nestled deep in the lush forests and coffee plantations in the Bolaven Plateau, this resort offers a combination of comfort and exclusivity for its guests. The resort features eight gorgeous chalets constructed by blending Western and Lao architectural styles together. Each spacious guestroom comes with free Wi-Fi, kitchenette, complimentary bottled water and other modern amenities. After checking in, patrons can take a stroll through local gorgeous gardens, trek to nearby coffee plantations and sip a fresh cup of flavorful coffee at the quaint café on-site. The hotel is also equipped with meeting facilities, salon, restaurant and souvenir shop while hospitable staff are always available and ready to help with any travel needs.

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