Muang La

Boasting emerald jade rice fields, friendly people, scenic rivers and wooden bridges, Muang La is a special corner of Laos that will entice and enchant visitors. Only a few hundred locals actually live here. Located in Northern Laos, one might expect Muang La to have a distinct climate and unique set of cultures. The natural beauty of Muang La is enhanced by hill tribes such as the Ikhos, Khmu and the Hmong. Mountain biking, cycling, trekking, photography, champagne, a second honeymoon and wedding vow renewal via the Baci ceremony, a visit to an ancient Wat, stunning sunsets and awesome displays of stars in the night sky are just some of the things that make Muang La so special.


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Ban Longya

Visit a beautiful and ancient Wat – one of the main highlights of Muang La. Buddhism is an integral part of life in Southeast Asia. Engage in a meditation ritual at a local monastery and take in the chanting and incense. As you pursue cross-cultural and inter-religious understanding, meeting with a local monk and gain a deeper perspective on the Buddhist faith and its role in life in Laos. Ban Longya is the site of a Wat believed to house the Buddha’s footprint.


Hiking and natural hot spring tour: Trek from one stunning vista to the next, taking in the mountains, rivers, hill tribes and other sights before soaking your tired body in natural hot springs which bubble with healing powers.

Hill tribe villages

Undertake a river cruise and accompanying trek to visit with hill tribes such as the Ikhos, Hmong and Khumu. Enjoy an authentic meal in one of the homes of the local hill tribes. The Ikhos came from Yunnan and Tibet between 1799 and 1809. The Hmong are a rugged people who are also found in Vietnam, where they are called Montagnards. The treks take between two and three hours and are conducted above three-quarters of a mile above sea level. The Hmong village of Ban Tauser offers a spectacular 360 view of the surrounding area. Talk with the Hmong about their ancestors who once tamed the high steppes of Tibet. The Khumu are one of the largest ethnic groups in Laos and are found in China and Myanmar as well. The Khumu are one of the oldest peoples in Laos and their presence in China goes back to 40,000 B.C.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is an outdoor activity you can engage in amid some of the most beautiful mountains and scenery in Laos. The scenery will take your breath away. Go at your own pace and enjoy and picnic lunch.


Muang La is situated between Udomsai and Phongsali and the gorgeous lush greenery and bamboo houses are augmented by the weaters of the Nam La and the Nam Pak. Engage in photography along the Nam Pak River as you investigate nature and the antique way of life which lured the French colonialists. Forests, gilded temples and pagodas are tempting photographic targets, but the quiet banks of the Nam La offer the chance for fishing, nature observation and splendid photography – especially at dawn and at sunset.

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