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Trekking & Tribes in Northern Laos: Around Phongsaly & Muang La

6 days / 5 nights
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Off the Grid, Tribal

Adventure and Laos go hand-in-hand. This stunning, landlocked country boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the whole of Southeast Asia, yet much of it - particularly in the north - goes undiscovered due the sheer remoteness and difficulty of terrain. This six-day tour takes on the best of what the region has to offer; you’ll scale mountains and tackle dense jungles in a 4x4, visit almost untouched hilltop village tribes and take time out to relax and rejuvenate at a gorgeous spa resort. Start with some cultural visits in the charming capital of Vientiane, before flying on to Boun Tai, which will be used as base for exploration around the region, all before flying back to the capital six days later. 

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• Road Trip: Tackle Northern Lao's challenging terrain in a 4x4, scaling mountains and winding through jungle.

• Hill Tribes: Learn about some of Laos' ethnic groups and their lasting traditions by meeting members of remote Akha Djepia, Akha Erpa, Akha Loma and Black Hmong communities.

• Hot Springs: After so much adventure, rejuvenate tired muscles in Muang La's natural thermal baths, then swim in the nearby lake.


Day 1


The charmingly laid back capital of Vientiane has plenty in the way of attractions and activities, showcasing some of the country's grandest temples and monuments. Depending on arrival time, you’ll hit a few of the capital’s most important sights, such as That Luang Stupa (the National Monument), Hor Pra Keo and Sisaket temple - all before returning to your hotel.

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Location: Based in the epicentre of the city, just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Vientiane's commercial district, there’s plenty to keep guests occupied while staying in Laos’ beautiful capital city. History: The building that houses Settha Palace was constructed in the earlier years of the last century, and has been restored to its former glory, maintaining its French Colonial appearance. The family who originally owned the hotel are back in possession of it, after the regime change in 1975, and have spared no expense in restoring it to its natural brilliance. Service: With 24-hour concierge service, plus a sophisticated limo service, guests will feel like the VIPs of Vientiane while staying at this hotel.

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Settha Palace Hotel Preferred Hotel

Day 2

Ban Boun Tai

Depart the capital, catching a short two-hour flight upcountry to the northernmost airport at Boun Neu. There’s time for you to take a local lunch in the town, before continuing on to the remote Boun Tai village (stops on the way to Akha Nuqui, Lao Sang and old an French military base). 

Ban Boun Tai
Ban Boun Tai

Day 3

Ban Boun Tai

Hit the dirt in a 4x4 SUV, crisscrossing the Laotian countryside on the way to several fascinating hilltop tribes such as the Akha Djepia, Akha Erpa, Akha Loma, and Black Hmong. It's a long trip, but the gorgeous mountain scenery along the way more than makes up for the time spent on the road (or dirt path). Return to your guesthouse for your second night in Boun Tai.

Day 4

Muang La

Perhaps a highlight of the tour, day four takes you on to some of the country’s most remote, untouched village tribes hidden deep in the dense, tropical jungles of northern Laos. The 4x4 all-terrain car leaves early, with the tour heading to Ban Pi Jer Mai, Akha Djepia, Akha Loma and Akha Erpa. The trip finishes at the pretty Muang La Resort (your hotel for the night), around 5 hours away and situated right next to a natural hot spring.

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Location: Located within the lush tropical landscape of Laos along the Nam Pak River.

History: Discovered some years ago, the resort was created in the perfect location boasting a hot natural spring, a river rich in local life, a traditional salt mine, and a small mountain village.

Service: Privacy and five-star service including all dining, activities and experiences tailored to your needs with butlers when required.

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Muang La Lodge Preferred Hotel
Muang La
Muang La

Day 5

Muang La

After scaling mountains, trekking over hills and winding through dense jungles for the last few days, it’s time for a rest. Day-five has been set aside for relaxation and rejuvenation; the stunning Muang La resort you’re staying at offers spa and massage treatments, and you can even dip your feet into the nearby hot spring or bathe in the surrounding lake.

Day 6


Enjoy breakfast on the last day of this tour before checking out and making your way (via private transportation) to Oudomxai, which is where you’ll be catching your onwards flight back to the capital, Vientiane. This marks the end of the trip, and you'll be free to travel on to your next destination of choice.

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