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Dozen Dream Destination: Tokyo for the Summer Games

In 2020 one of the world’s most densely populated cities will host the Summer Games and Remote Lands knows how to get you there in style.

Get used to hearing “2020” and “Tokyo” together. It should come as no surprise that Japan’s capital is a top destination for the coming year. One of the world’s most densely populated cities and an undisputed hub of technology and commerce, this summer the biggest city in the Land of the Rising Sun will be all about sports. Travelers who want a peaceful city break will want to book around the most exciting sporting event on the planet.

Remote Lands is proud to offer private and small group trips to Tokyo’s Summer Games in 2020, complete with sporting events, luxury hotels, and pre and post touring in Japan and throughout the continent.

ABOVE: New National Stadium for the Summer Games.

When the games return to Tokyo this year, sporting events will be held in new, ultra-modern facilities along with existing venues that have endured since the capital first hosted the Games in the 1960s. Among the latter is Nippon Budokan, or simply Budokan. The arena has racked up an impressive history since its construction more than 50 years ago. It is, in all likelihood, one of the world’s only buildings to have hosted the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Tina Turner under the same roof as championship sumo matches.

On either side of enjoying the ceremonies and athletic events, visitors will find a wealth of activities and a bustling city to explore. In keeping with the spirit of the Summer Games, travelers can even dive into the uniquely Japanese world of sumo wrestling by visiting one of the communal schools where these unusual athletes live and train. Busy markets, contemporary art, and even sword smithing are on the menu for this year’s Summer Games – but only for a lucky few.

Where to Stay

ABOVE: The luxury Four Seasons.

With the city absolutely packed thanks to the Games, quality accommodations are sure to be in short supply. Remote Lands, however, has you covered. Options include the Hilton Tokyo, which is located in Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo’s business, shopping, and entertainment district. The hotel features a wide range of guest rooms, suites, and executive rooms for travelers to relax after the day’s events. The luxury Four Seasons, boasting a high-end pedigree among the best in the world, is another option for sports-loving luxe travelers.

“Japan is already one of our top travel destinations and now with the Summer Games we are seeing overwhelming excitement for the very limited space available.” – Remote Lands Co-founder and CEO Catherine Heald

What to Do

From equestrian sports to climbing, sailing, surfing, judo, and beyond, travelers will not want to miss the chance to catch as many sporting events as possible. Throughout the city, Tokyo and the whole of Japan will be in the grips of Summer Games hysteria, and Japan has already reported initial ticket sales numbering in the millions.

Only a few Remote Lands clients will be privileged enough to catch the most highly-anticipated live event of the year: the opening of the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. This year’s ceremonies will be held in an entirely revamped arena that replaces the previously outdated Tokyo National Stadium. The New National Stadium will also serve as the primary track and field venue for the Games.

Travelers can extend their trip with Remote Lands in Kyoto before and after their Summer Games experience. While Tokyo is the modern capital of Japan, Kyoto is its old-world cultural counterpart. Home to countless Buddhist temples, royal palaces, and well-manicured gardens, this must-see destination is located just hours from Tokyo and the venues of the Summer Games.