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India Unexplored: Remote Lands Launches 2020 India Issue

Nowhere in Asia has such a diversity of wonders — tribes, mountains, deserts, beaches — and for travelers willing to go a little further, India is alive.

India has a special place in our hearts here at Remote Lands. Nowhere in Asia has such a diversity of wonders — tribes, mountains, deserts, religions, beaches — and every year it gets harder to visit somewhere unique. But India is a vast country of more than a billion people. India is alive. For travelers looking to reach a little further, there is plenty of India left to discover.

Remote Lands would like to give a hearty thanks to Annapruna Mellor, who not only provided the cover for our India magazine, but is also featured with articles on Tawang and Pushkar, previously found in the online edition of Travelogues.

Also this issue, Remote Lands sits down with Richard Holkar, the owner of Ahilya Fort and a treasure trove of Indian history. We also spoke with ordained Dharmacharya Shantum Seth on the meanings of ‘mindful’ travel and the upcoming Aman Jet Journey with Remote Lands.

Another excellent photographer featured herein, Jordan Hammond, who produced the cover for our Dozen Dream Destinations 2020 issue, brings us photography tips for Delhi. Adventure traveler John McMahon and Remote Lands COO Jay Tindall also made contributions to this India Issue.

Tigers traipse the jungles that inspired Rudyard Kipling, hikers climb the freezing peaks of Ladakh, and lonely desert travelers wander dunes on camelback. India is thousands of places, a land than encompasses the tribal competitions of the muggy hills of Bengal and snowy colonial hill stations in the Himalayas.

Getting away from Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra — the Golden Triangle of India travel — visitors to this fantastical land will find so much more to enjoy in the forests, forts, and under-traveled cities of the vast Indian subcontinent and beyond. Beaches? Visit the isolated Andaman Islands. History? Explore towns and forts that have existed since the myths of the Mahabharata. Wildlife? Walk with tigers and sloth bears in Madhya Pradesh. Wellness? Do yoga on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh. India is for everyone.