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Japan for the Whole Family

Japan is the perfect place to bond with the family, a fun-for-all-ages adventure to gleaming skyscrapers and serene nature.

A journey through the Land of the Rising Sun is a chance to bring the family together in a whole new way. From exclusive experiences with sumo wrestlers to private manga drawing lessons, Japan is the perfect place to bond with the family, a fun-for-all-ages adventure to the gleaming skyscrapers of Tokyo to the quiet wildlife of Nara.


Nowhere in Japan is quite like Tokyo, a commercial megacity filled with cultural treats. Learn the ways of kawaii and visit Harajuku, Japan’s capital of cute, for adorable cafes and fashion boutiques, or head to Akihabara for anime, arcades, and electronics. Boys or girls, adventure seekers or culture vultures, there is somewhere in Tokyo for every member of the family. Take in the Pokemon Center before visiting the Instagrammable Digital Art Museum, or meet with retired sumo wrestlers to learn more about their ancient sport and then get an exclusive look into the Ghibli Anime Museum. The choices in Tokyo are endless. 


Before taking in the whirlwind of Osaka, stop by the ancient capital city of Nara, a UNESCO-designated city, to meet the hundreds of friendly roaming deer in the green surrounds of Nara Park. Then, take the kids on a street food tour of Dotonbori district before visiting the Cup Noodles Museum where the family can design their very own dish. Afterward, take the family to see the whale sharks at the Osaka Aquarium, one of the most impressive aquariums in all of Asia.


Kyoto is Japan’s cultural capital, but it’s also a place to have fun. Take the clan to the Koka Ninja Village, featuring trap doors, shuriken throwing, and a nine state obstacle course for the enterprising young ninjas in the family. Then, take a taiko lesson, where the family can have a big workout on even bigger drums.  In addition to taking in the temples and fortresses of Kyoto, the family can take time to slow things down and meet with a maiko, a trainee geisha, known for their wit, beauty, and high-caliber skills in traditional Japanese arts.


This child-friendly sample journey is an eight-day adventure to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka, fille with high-speed trains, fascinating cultural experiences, and a relaxing soak in natural hot springs — something for everyone in the family. The family will be taken on an exclusive tour through Japan, all while staying at ultra-luxe properties. Contact Remote Lands to learn about how we can design a journey to your family’s needs.