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Trekking Tajikistan's Fann Mountains: Seven Lakes to Artuch

If you are the kind of person who loves to explore uncharted territory on foot, this thrilling 16-day Tajikistan trekking journey through the Fann mountains is for you. You’ll start off in the capital Dushanbe, where you’ll stay in the best accommodation the city has to offer, before heading out into the mountains and passes to discover some of the world’s least-known natural beauty. From the Seven Lakes to Sarihodang Gorge, Guytan Pass to the Kulikalon Lakes, you’re sure to be lulled into a sense of wonder as Tajikistan’s environment mesmerizes you. 

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Explore the fascinating city of Dushanbe, from its museums, to its gardens, and delightful restaurants Take a tour of the Seven Lakes, renowned worldwide for their beauty Camp under the stars in some of Tajikistan’s most picturesque locations Trek as high as 12,000 feet above sea level to catch unparalleled views of Tajikistan’s majestic peaks  
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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1

Arrive at Dushanbe’s international airport, from where you’ll be transferred to your four-star accommodation. Settle in and get acquainted with your new surroundings, before heading out for a tour of the Tajik capital – including the Museum of Buddha, the Museum of Musical Instruments, a botanical garden, and Somoni Place. The evening can be spent at your leisure.

Day 2
Seven Lakes

Enjoy a delightful breakfast at your hotel this morning before checking out and traveling to the Seven Lakes, legendary for their beauty. The total travel time will be between seven and eight hours, and you’ll be served lunch along the way. Visit the sixth and seventh lake today, setting up camp at the seventh lake, along which you’ll be sleeping tonight.

Day 3
Lake Hazor Chashma – Tovvasang Pass – River Sarimat

After this morning’s al fresco breakfast, you’ll trek across Tovvasang pass. From here, you’ll descend to the river Sarimat. Upon its banks, you’ll enjoy a delightful dinner and set up camp to rest your legs from the challenging six- to seven-hour hike you undertook today.

Day 4
Munora Pass – Ob River Safed

Enjoy another delightful breakfast with Tajikistan’s majestic mountains acting as an idyllic backdrop. Afterwards, you’ll cross the Munora pass, over 11,000 feet above sea level. From here, you’ll be at the perfect vantage point to catch incredible views of some of the area’s most famous soaring peaks, including Sugarloaf, Red Moscow, Dugdon, and more. Descend to the Ob Safed River, where - after six hours of trekking today - you’ll set up camp and enjoy dinner amidst the fresh mountain air.

Day 5
Lake Pushtikul – Sarihodang Gorge

This morning your journey will take you past the stunning lake Pushtikul, to Sarihodang Gorge – a total of five hours trekking. Upon arrival at the gorge, you’ll set up your tent for the evening, and enjoy some leisure time, as well as a hearty dinner.

Day 6
Archamaidan Gorge

Today you’ll trek three to four hours to the Archamaidan Gorge. The route is alive with rural life – this countryside journey will offer an insightful glimpse into the daily life of Tajikistan’s mountain shepherds. Stop and have a chat with them, to learn more about their culture. Enjoy dinner and bed down once again in a tent upon reaching your destination.

Day 7
Guytan village

The seventh day of your exciting Tajikistan journey will take you down to a dirt road, along which you’ll make your way to Guytan village. Here, you’ll have an even clearer window into the traditional Tajik way of life. You’ll eat dinner and spend the night in Nats Dome, after six to seven hours of total trekking time today.

Day 8
Guytan Pass – Lake Chukurak

After this morning’s breakfast, your journey continues to Guytan pass, offering incredible views of nearby peaks soaring high into the sky, including Chimtarga, Maria, among others. From here, you’ll descend to lake Chukurak, where you’ll set up camp and enjoy another dinner in the great outdoors.

Day 9
Chakurak Pass – Kulikalon Lakes

Feeling refreshed after a good night’s rest, you’ll climb up to Chukurak pass today, over 10,000 feet high, before scaling down to the Kulikalon Lakes. These three lakes are renowned for their wildlife, particularly of the avian variety, having been named an Important Bird Area. Set up your tent once again for the evening and enjoy a dinner as you observe the vibrant local flora and fauna.

Day 10
Lake Dushoha

Continue your trek for three to four hours this morning to Lake Dushoha, where you’ll once again set up camp along its picturesque shores, and enjoy dinner amidst the stunning scenery and fresh mountain air.

Day 11
Alouddin Pass – Alouddinskie Lake

This morning you’re heading for Alouddin Pass, some 12,500 feet above sea level. Here, you’ll be in an ideal position to admire Chapdara, Bodhana, and Castle peaks. Your journey will then continue with a descent to Alouddin lake, where you’ll set up camp and sit down to a relaxed dinner after six to seven hours of trekking today.

Day 12
Muddy Lake – Alouddinskie Lake

Mutney Lake is nicknamed Muddy Lake – find out why when you visit the area today, and sit down to a picnic on its banks. Afterwards, you’ll descend back to lake Alouddin – for a total of five to six hours of trekking today – where you’ll enjoy dinner and bed down once again in your tent.

Day 13
Laudan Pass – Kulikalon Lake

Enjoy another outdoor breakfast in the fresh mountain air before descending to the climbing base. From here, you’ll traverse the Laudan Pass, at nearly 12,000 feet in elevation, and continue down to the Kulikalon Lakes once again. Here, you’ll set up camp and enjoy a dinner before bedding down for the night, after your long six to seven hours of trekking today.

Day 14

After this morning’s breakfast, you’ll descend to S. Artuch today, stopping for a delightful picnic along the way. You’ll check in to your hotel – Nat House – and enjoy a lovely dinner before heading off to bed for the evening.

Day 15

Sit down to a delicious breakfast for your final full day in Tajikistan, before returning to Dushanbe, where you’ll check in to your hotel, eat lunch, and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. Your farewell dinner tonight will be at a local restaurant.

Day 16

This morning – your final morning in Tajikistan – you’ll eat breakfast before checking out of your hotel and being transported to the international airport, where you’ll check in for your flight either home, or to your next exciting destination.


Suggested Accommodations

Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel

This luxury hotel in the center of Dushanbe really is head and shoulders above most of the city's other accommodation options. As soon as you step inside the grand lobby with its traditional Tajik features, it's clear that plenty of time and effort have gone into the hotel's design. There's a choice of serviced apartments or deluxe double rooms, all with 24-hour room service, large comfortable beds, TV and internet. The great location of the Serena, situated on the main boulevard at the center of Dushanbe, offers a stunning backdrop, surrounded by a lush garden and mountains in the distance. It also provides ease of access to the city's attractions, such as the National Art Museum, cinemas and the opera theater, and is just a 10-minute drive from the international airport. 

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