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Saving Giants

Remote Lands meets Louise Rogerson, manager of the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, to discuss ethics, elephants, and celebrity visits.

5 Unbeatable Nightlife Hotspots in Singapore

You’re never far from a decent bar in Singapore. Whether it’s an exclusive rooftop getaway or a rowdy street-side pub in Ann Siang Hill, the Lion City has plenty of nightlife on offer.

On the Right Track

The Eastern & Oriental Express is the most lavish and well-appointed train anywhere in Southeast Asia, traveling between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Dhaka and the Symmetry in the Swarm

Traffic without end, water that never stills, and a market straddling a railroad – the chaos of Bangladesh’s Dhaka is unending and arresting.

Dining in the Canopy on Koh Kood

A world-class resort, the pristine Thai sea, delicately prepared cuisine, and lush rainforest. Oh, and the waiter ziplines food to you as you dine in the jungle canopy.

5 Must-See Ryokans for the Discerning Traveler

Japan is filled with tourists and getting more crowded by the day. For those searching for a meditative, contemplative travel experience in the Land of the Rising Sun, there is the ryokan.

Trading Rockets for Rain in Yasothon

To end the dry season, people gather to celebrate in Yasothon to drink, sing, and fire powerful handmade rockets into the heavens for the god Phaya Thaen to send the rains. It works.

The Lens Leads: Photography Expeditions in Vietnam

Travelers want to photograph unique, specialist views of Southeast Asia as they explore, taste, and savor the charms of rural Vietnam. To get the very best out of their lens, they’re going to need an expert.

Fine Dining in Phuket

Thailand’s largest island may be famed for its blue skies and white-sand beaches, but an emerging dining scene led by creative chefs is putting its restaurants on the global map.