Bawah Island

A part of Indonesia’s Riau Islands, Bawah Island is just a two-hour journey from Singapore by ferry and seaplane. Among the many islands nearby, Bawah stands out for its pristine coral reefs and its eponymous exclusive luxurious private island resort. Bawah Island is part of a cluster of five total islands that form an oval blue lagoon, and at low-tide, the lagoon is separated from the ocean by the white sand connecting the ring of islands.


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With an abundance of lovely diving sites in the preserved area of The Anambas, visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to Scuba dive the warm waters. Experts are on hand to tailor diving trips to guest experience and experience desired. There is a registered Dive Center at the resort.


The lagoon offers a fantastic snorkeling experience as the clear waters and white sandy floor make it easy to spot the schools of colorful fish amongst the reefs. The resort’s environmental and conservation policies further protect these reefs and marine life, lending to a thriving ecosystem. Expect to see giant clams, long-nosed trumpet fish, clown fish, and nudibranch galore. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles and reef shark.

Water Activities

Take to the crystal waters by paddleboard, kayak, or catamaran. The calm lagoon allows guests to safely circumnagivate the island and explore nearby islands. Pull up on a remote sandy beach where you may find a turtle nesting site. Picnics can be delivered and set up.


Besides the crystal clear lagoons and white sand beach, Bawah Island is gifted with lush green foliage. Take a hike on one of many well marked trails through the forests and jungles and encounter an ecosystem full of butterflies, birds, wild orchids and ancient trees. Trails lead to three amazing lookout points where you will be rewarded with commanding views of the coastline.

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