Compared to lush, equatorial Bali, which lies 40 miles (65 kilometers) away, Lombok is drier and more rugged. The inhabitants of Lombok are 85 percent Sasak, a people similar to the Balinese who practice Islam, 10 to 15 percent Balinese, with the Chinese, Arab, and other Indonesian populations comprising the remainder of the population. Lombok is mostly mountainous, unspoiled, and provides a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities, particularly diving, snorkeling, and surfing.


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Gili Islands

The three Gili Islands off the coast of Lombok are inviting and beautiful. The islands are remote and feature transportation by foot, on bicycle, or via horse drawn carriage. This is Indonesia at its most austere and authentic, with little trace of the outside world.

Mount Rinjani

Visit the earthly jewels in Lombok's crown: the volcanic Mount Rinjani, which rises to 3,726 meters (12,224 feet), making it the third highest in Indonesia, and the volcano's crater lake, Lake Segara Anak. Alternatively, take a helicopter to the top and circle the crater.

Pondok Perasi Fishing

Go fishing in the pristine waters around Lombok with native anglers from the village of Pondok Perasi. Pondok Perasi is a traditional fishing village comprised of 750 families that have subsisted on their daily catches for generations. There are over 200 species of fish to be caught here, so a morning's catch will vary depending on how far you go from the shore.

Sendang Gila

Drive to Mount Rinjani and see Sendang Gila, a massive waterfall on the northern slopes of the volcano. According to Indonesian folklore, the waters here have healing powers and this magnificent sight was unknown to man until a lion that they were hunting led them to it.

The waterfall is about 102 feet (31 meters) tall and said to possess healing powers. Visitors may swim at Sendang Gila if they wish.

Surfing & Diving

Water-related activities include world-class surfing at Banko Banko’s Desert Point, and the varied scuba destinations at Sekotong.

Tanjung Market

Visit Tanjung market, a new market in the north of Lombok, where locals sell and buy various items on the island's antiquated barter system. Try bartering in the market and visit with families in the village.

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