Covered in triple-canopy rainforest, Kalimantan sits on the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo. Because of its location, Kalimantan is off the beaten path, and as such offers a wealth of experiences, peoples, and wildlife. Among the inhabitants of Kalimantan are the Dayak peoples, some 200 tribes who are known for their survival skills and headhunting traditions. Within the park's confines are a wide range of wildlife, including orangutans, sun bears, macaques, and birds.


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The biggest city in Kalimantan, Banjarmasin is a city with a long and varied history. Visit the bustling markets to sample culinary delights and browse the gem and ruby bazaars.

Dayak Longhouses

Visit the rumah betang, or traditional longhouses of the Dayak tribe, for an inside look at their customs and medicine. Learn about their elaborate tattoos and ornate earrings—all of which serve a unique purpose in their culture. In order to access the area, visitors will travel in a long boat through the Sungai Mahakam’s rapids – an adventure in and of itself.


Within the placid waters of the Celebes Sea lie the islands of Derawan, Sangaliki, Manatua, Batu Payung and Radayan islands, all of which offer outstanding diving. Divers can glimpse various species of turtles, sea cows, coral -and even try their hand at pearl diving.


Arrive at Camp Leakey, a wildlife center where you will be able to observe the feeding of orangutans firsthand. Speak with top primatologists to learn about their work, which mainly involves the reintroduction of older orangutans into the rain forest. Trek into the rainforest with a forestry ranger to appreciate the flora and to view the wildlife, which include wild orangutans, gibbons, macaques and birds.


Pontianak is a city of canals. As the capital of West Kalimantan, it is home to the Equator Monument, State Museum and a floating market.

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