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The Mongolian Wilds of Ikh Nart

4 days / 3 nights
Price Per Person
Wildlife, Glamping

Step out of your comfort zone and into the adventure of a lifetime when you take off on this four-day tour of a nature reserve in the wilds of Mongolia. Experience the unique beauty at the Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve, where you will witness locals living in harmony with nature. The Nature Reserve is a community reserve supported by the local people, the Denver Zoo Foundation,  and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Nomadic Journeys. See firsthand the Argali Sheep of Dornogobi and the rocky outcrops these foundations are working so hard to preserve.

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  • Wildlife: See rare species such as the Red Fox and the Corsac Fox in their natural habitat and learn about conservation efforts to save the Argali and Siberian Ibex.
  • Train Journey: Take a six-hour train journey with a private cabin through the dry Gobi steppe to Shivee Gobi, a train platform that seems to be in the middle of nowhere.
  • Stay in a Ger: Take to the traditional ways and spend your evenings in the comfort of a ger and meet with local herders to learn about their daily life.


Day 1

Ikh Nart

Start the journey from Ulaanbaatar into Ikh Nart. You can either take a 6-hour train journey, on which you will have a private cabin, or you can travel by vehicle, which will take approximately 5 hours. You begin in the lush grassland steppe and eventually reach the dry Gobi steppe. You will reach Shivee Gobi - a train platform that seems to be in the middle of nowhere, but the neighboring town of Shivee Gobi is nearby. The town is an open pit coal mine, where the mining is done in the open air as opposed to underground. Reach Ikh Nart that evening. Spend the night in a double occupancy ger. A ger is a traditional Mongolian campsite and is more than comfortable for the adventuresome traveler.

Hotel Options

Camping is the best accommodation option in this remote region. The basic ger tents typically have a separate western-style bathroom tent, twin beds, wooden furniture, and heaters.

This accommodation has been personally vetted by the Remote Lands team and is the best available in the area. More information on this property is available on the “Hotels” tab at the top of the page.

Day 2

Ikh Nart

Your adventure truly begins as you explore the fascinating nature reserve on foot. Keep your eyes peeled for the unique wildlife inhabiting the area. Argali Sheep roam freely and abundantly in the hills. The Siberian Ibex with its endlessly long horns is a rare but exciting sight to behold. Look upwards to view the several different birds species populating the skies. Return to the ger by jeep.

Ikh Nart
Ikh Nart

Day 3

Ikh Nart

Trek across the beautiful, serene Gobi in search of exotic animals. Three mammal research projects are simultaneously in the works in the area. Research subjects include the Siberian Ibex and the Argali Sheep. Prey species are also being observed, and these include gerbils, jerboas and hedgehogs. There are separate projects researching the Cinereous Vulture and Lesser Kestrels. If you’re curious as to the results, information is posted at the camps with the local guides. You have the rare opportunity of meeting local herders that come in and out of the nature reserve daily. Learn about the daily lives of these hard workers. Spend your final evening in the ger.

Day 4


Drive to the tarmac road and begin the journey back to Ulaanbaatar. Cross over the Choiriin Bogd Mountains that jut into the expansive sky. There are rare, beautiful Buddha statues in several of the rock faces. Enjoy a picnic lunch along the way. Reach Ulaanbaatar, where you will begin your journey home by nightfall.

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