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Spacia X Brings Luxury Rail Travel to Tochigi Prefecture

New limited express train between Tokyo and Nikko offers passengers stylish design, gourmet F&B, and stunning vistas.

Nikko stands out as one of Japan‘s most captivating destinations, renowned for its picturesque forests and landscapes that unveil valleys, lakes, and waterfalls, along with a captivating cultural heritage featuring ancient shrines and temples.

For enthusiasts journeying from Tokyo to Nikko, there’s now an opportunity to travel in style aboard Tobu Railway’s latest limited express train, the Spacia X, which made its debut in summer last year.

This new train offers various seating options and boasts its own luxurious onboard café. The six-car train has a bright white exterior and hexagonal windows reminiscent of traditional lattice designs, provides six distinct seating choices, including sofa seats, lounge seats, private rooms, and standard seating.

As the newest and most opulent addition to the Spacia series of trains, connecting Asakusa in Tokyo to destinations like Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture, the Spacia X operates on 100% renewable energy and features improved motor performance, reducing carbon emissions by 40%.

The first car houses the Cockpit Lounge, inspired by the renowned Nikko Kanaya Hotel—the oldest Western-style resort hotel in Japan. The lounge offers sofa seating for groups of various sizes and a café for enjoying premium drinks and snacks during the journey.

The second car features seats arranged in rows, including premium seats with adjustable headrests, electric-powered reclining, and a back-shell structure to enhance passenger comfort. Cars 3, 4, and 5 offer standard seating equipped with fold-out tables and electrical power outlets, with Car 5 also featuring box seats.

Car 6 introduces private compartments with spacious U-shaped sofa seating and fold-away tables. Additionally, Car 6 houses the luxurious Cockpit Suite, a private room designed to resemble the interior of a private jet, accommodating up to seven people with movable seats and panoramic views.

Goen Café in Car 1 offers a menu featuring a variety of products sourced from Nikko, including delectable snacks, sweets, sake, craft beer, craft coffee, and soft drinks.

Coinciding with the Spacia X’s debut, Tobu Asakusa Station and Tobu Nikko Station have undergone significant renovations.

At Tobu Asakusa Station, Platform 5—the departure point for Spacia X—has been revamped, while Tobu Nikko Station’s atrium outside the ticket gates and the station waiting room have both received stylish updates, featuring wooden décor and stonework from Tochigi Prefecture.

The journey itself is mesmerizing route that seamlessly blends natural beauty and cultural richness. As the train departs from Tobu Asakusa Station, passengers are greeted by the vibrant heart of Tokyo before venturing into the scenic landscapes of Tochigi Prefecture.

The train winds its way through lush landscapes, offering passengers panoramic views of enchanting forests, valleys, and serene lakes. The large hexagonal windows of the Spacia X create a frame for the ever-changing scenery, providing a visual feast for travelers throughout the journey. The design of the train, with its bright white exterior reminiscent of traditional lattice patterns, adds a touch of elegance to the experience.

One highlight of the route is the approach to Nikko, where the train gracefully navigates the picturesque surroundings, gradually revealing the grandeur of the region. As the train nears its destination, passengers catch glimpses of the iconic Toshogu Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a testament to Nikko’s rich cultural heritage. The shrine’s ornate architecture and historical significance make it a captivating sight for those on board.