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Underwater Dubai Hotel Experiences You’ll Want to See

While most might expect somewhere like the Maldives to be leading the world in underwater hotel experiences (and they are), underwater Dubai will not be left behind.

There’s nothing that Dubai won’t try to make itself more extravagant. It’s always the biggest, the best, and the most lavish when luxury travelers go to Dubai, and it’s just the same above water as below. While most might expect somewhere like the Maldives to be leading the world in underwater hotel experiences (and they are), Dubai’s legendary opulence will not be left behind, with three of the coolest underwater hotel experiences in the world, either already underwater or coming up in the next few years.

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab

You probably already know the Burj Al Arab by sight, so it might seem fitting that guests would board a gold elevator to descend to the depths of the hotel’s underwater Outlaw’s at Al Mahara. It as an over-the-top aquarium – literally. Guests enter through a 180-degree arched tank, showcasing more than 50 species of fish. Consistently recognized for its service, decor, and award-winning culinary creations by eponymous English chef Nathan Outlaw, the restaurant aims to impress every palate.

The annular-shaped Al Mahara (which means: oyster shell), features table-to-ceiling aquaria, and the underwater motif continues throughout the with dynamic use of mirrors for dramatic reflections and color palettes, accentuating 24-carat gold-flake walls.

ABOVE: Dining at Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara.

Shell shape designs pattern the floors and adorn table settings, dining arrangements, and food presentations, extending the high-seas theme throughout.  

Squid ink risotto and roasted whole cornish Turbot are the two top the menu selections. Samplings include: “Nathan Outlaw’s Signature Tasting Menu”, a glimpse into the chef’s signature ‘simple but artistic’ creations, and  “A Little Taste of Everything”, a comprehensive sampling for the shellfish lover, including hot or chilled lobster, red prawns, and other seafood.

With Michelin stars in his native England and celebrity chef appearances on the BBC, Nathan Outlaw’s fare is some of the finest seafood dining in Dubai. Gabriel Belanger, winner of the 2018 Sommelier of the Year, at the Caterer Middle East Awards, and a crew of expert sommeliers are on deck to assist the connoisseur in pairing wines with their dishes.

With a commitment to the oceanic experience, deluxe service, and a simple yet elegant menu, Al Mahara strives to satisfy seafood lovers in one of Dubai’s most spectacular underwater settings. 

Underwater Suites at The Palm, Atlantis

Guests staying at The Palm, Atlantis, can have an underwater experience in either the Poseidon or Neptune suites. Found in the midst of the Ambassador Lagoon, these Arabian-inspired suites offer guests the privilege to view (and later swim) among the 65,000 varieties of sea life in the floor-to-ceiling aquarium. Each suite features over 1,700 square feet of aquatic views, from the ground floor of the grand entrance to the ensuite bathroom at the top.

An elegant spiral staircase leads from the foyer to the comfortably appointed accommodations on the top floors of these underwaters rooms, and a private elevator is also available.

ABOVE: Promotional video for the Atlantis, The Palm.

A fully-equipped kitchen, 24-hour private butler service, a dining area fitted for six, and lavish living quarters are located on the second floor.Topping the trio is a spa-inspired bath and a master bedroom, complete with private boudoir with un-interrupted underwater views.

Ossiano, The Palm, Atlantis


If that weren’t enough underwater fun at Atlantis there’s also Ossiano, a floor-to-ceiling dining experience with views of the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium as well.

The underwater dining is, of course, magical, but Ossiano is the whole package: luxury, uniqueness, and fine dining. On a great many “World’s Best” fine dining lists, the Ossiano is a compliment to the Palm, Atlantis that shouldn’t be missed.

Most acclaimed dishes at this restaurant include Canadian lobster and wagyu beef tartar. Sea breem and line caught Britany sea bass are some of the better reviewed main courses.