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Cruising Indonesia's Southern Route

11 days / 10 nights
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Indonesian island-hopping has never been so glamorous. Set out in luxury on the open sea as you board your private pinisi, an Indonesian-style schooner. Diving, snorkeling, swimming, and sunning are just a few of the activities that you have to look forward to as you island-hop across Indonesia’s remote islands, seeking the best beaches in the world. There are nearly 18,000 islands making up the country, and you will visit a wide sampling of the small land-masses. This 11-day itinerary takes you through the bright colorful Indonesian islands of Sorong, Kri, Kayoa, Mansuar, Raja Ampat, Gam, the Boo Islands, Damar Islands, Doworas, Bacan, the Village of Geti, Kayoa, Pulau Kofiau, Tidore and Ternate.

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  • Remote Paradise: Sail away from the world and enjoy sunbathing on white sandy beaches and swimming in crystal blue waters without a single person in sight.
  • Fresh Seafood: Dine on freshly-caught seafood cooked in local style on the beach under the sun.
  • Spice History: Visit an island that was, and actually still is, a main supplier of the aromatic clove spice, one of the coveted spices sought across the world.


Day 1 Sorong to Kri

Endless, beautiful blue skies will greet you in Sorong as you set out on the first day of your journey. Board your private Indonesian-style schooner, which will then follow a northern course into the Dampier Strait. Next, cruise to colorful, vibrant Kri. The small island is far from a tourist attraction, with few inhabitants and incredible diving. Its neighbor, the slightly larger Mansuar, is close by. Sunbathe on the white sand beaches. Snorkel the iridescent reefs as you dive deep into the crystal clear waters. Spend your first night falling asleep to the gentle lull of the waves lapping against your schooner.

Day 2 Gam Island

Wake up to find yourself in the thick of one of the world’s richest reefs. Spend the morning snorkeling and discovering the exotic underwater world. Spend the last few hours of sunshine on the island of Gam. Explore the small islets speckled around the main island. Wander between the small villages and enjoy freshly-caught fish cooked in a local style.

Raja Ampat

Day 3 Pulau Kofiau

Today begins with the hunt for the Red Bird-of-paradise, or Cendrawasih Merah. The incredibly beautiful bird is a rare find. Trek inland and keep your eyes peeled for the unique, elusive creature. Climb back on board and spend the evening relaxing, as the boat makes an overnight passage to Pulau Kofiau.

Day 4 Pulau Kofiau and the Boo Islands

In the morning the schooner will anchor off the small village of Deer on Pulau Kofiau Island. Hop aboard one of the vessel's dinghies to explore the area. The water is clear as glass, offering views to the bottom of the sea. That afternoon, travel to the Boo Islands. This group of small uninhabited islands is host to some of the world’s most lush greenery. The dense foliage creates a birdwatcher’s paradise. Drop anchor between the small islands and snorkel the lively lagoon of Boo Kecil.

Raja Ampat

Day 5 Damar Islands

Today is a day spent sailing across the Halmahera Sea. Relax on deck, enjoying the breeze and the sunshine as you approach the tree-covered Damar Islands for sunset. The islands are 5.25 miles southwest of Tanjung Libobo – the most southeastern tip of Halmahera. Time permitting, visit the sole village on the island located on the most northwestern tip of Kampung Kukupang.

Day 6 Doworas

Cruise from the Damar Islands to the beautiful Doworas Islands. This group of islands is on the eastern side of the Patientie Strait, about 22 miles from Cape Libobo. Spend a few hours on the quiet islands swimming in the clear seas and napping on the white sand. These are the beaches that many dream of. That night, cruise to the port of Babang on the east coast of Bacang Island. Bacang Island will provide a homey harbor for the night.

Raja Ampat

Day 7 Bacan

Start the morning early with a brisk walk across the island to visit the early morning market in the capital, Labau. Fresh vegetables, crisp fruit, and exotic spices await you. Make sure to bring your camera! Bacan was a sultanate during the 14th century. This island was, and actually still is, a main provider of the aromatic clove spice. Go on to visit Fort Barneveld. The fort was built by the Dutch in 1615 to help protect the clove supply. Climb back aboard the schooner to journey 40 miles to Loid Bay (Loid Baaivan) on the north coast of Pulau Bacan.

Day 8 Village of Geti

Step off the boat and into the rainforest. You begin the day with an early morning trek in the village of Geti. You may be lucky enough to spot a rare black macaque! The rainforest is filled with endemic species of parrots, cockatoos and lorikeets. Explore the little-known village occupying the small island. After an active day, fall asleep to the lull of the waves back in the comfort of your schooner.

Raja Ampat

Day 9 Kayoa

It’s a momentous occasion as you will cross the equator and enter the northern hemisphere today! Head to the colorful, tropical island of Kayoa to celebrate. Snorkeling, sunning, and hiking are all great options on this small island. Take one of the dinghies out for coastal exploring. Return to the ship before nightfall.

Day 10 Tidore

It’s a tropical day of history as we travel into Tidore. The Sultan of Tidore fought many great battles during his reign, mainly with the Sultan of the neighboring island of Ternate. Go ashore to check out the ruins of the Portuguese fortresses left on the island. Pay the local museum a visit to see the Sultan’s crown and other royal pieces on display. Watch a last stunning sunset from your seat on your private schooner that night.

Raja Ampat

Day 11 Ternate

The cruise comes to a close when you reach Ternate. Say goodbye to the captain and crew before departing the vessel. Ternate has a fascinating history, should you choose to extend your stay on the island. You may also fly out of the island’s airport to begin your journey home.


Price includes private use of charter yacht for the duration of your sailing holiday, services of captain and crew, free use of dive equipment and services of dive master, free use of on-board water sports equipment, all meals and soft drinks and 5 hours of cruising per day. Flights and optional special activities will be quoted separately. Most personal expenses, including dinners, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and gratuities can be paid on the spot while traveling. Prices may vary depending on season, choice of accommodation and other factors.

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